A musician / producer born of tragedy during the winter of 2009-10. He has been played on BBC Introducing, NPR’s The Current and PBS Food. He is from St. Paul, MN, USA.

Maynyrd played in a handful of bands prior to conception, notably bass at the beginnings of djent / progressive metal outfit After The Burial. As he moved away from formal creation, his experimentation in listening and noise making continued, struck by the freedom of modal and free jazz (Sun Ra, Miles Davis and Ornate Coleman being particular favourites). When terminal illness reared its head, he was forced into music. During sleepless nights between daily hospital life, Mild Maynyrd came to be. Scotland’s Black Lantern Music would sign him, releasing 4 LPs worth of material - including 2013’s ‘Mild Maynyrd’ a deeply personal release, chronicling the death of his loved one three years previous. His music has been described as organic and genreless.

His debut release for Darkfloor Sound - ‘Aaleph’ - a heavyweight social statement on America.

Spawned by a law enforcement shooting in his home city, ‘Aaleph’ tackles the socials ills of modern society though abrasive tones, constant movement, and an avant-garde structure. Equal parts paranoia, rage, and confusion, Grinding dirty, processed noise into the pavement while dropping big kicks and spastic percussion.

A fitting farewell to the clusterfuck that was 2016.

2016 - Aaleph