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November 12, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 12.11.2013

Darkfloor Daily 12/11/2013 – David Lynch, Venetian Snares, Modular, Justin Broadrick, These Hidden Hands, Sonic Groove, David Meiser, Container

September 24, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 24.09.2013

the Darkfloor Daily 24/09/2013 – Samuel Kerridge, Ctrls, TOKEN, Venetian Snares, John Peel, Stakka & Skynet, DVNT, Plex / Colony / Bleed, Wiley, Karenn

October 31, 2012

Opine Kosinsky’s October Purchasing (part 2)

The anonymous producer and some time Acre Recordings contributor Opine Kosinsky got in touch recently reeling off about his recent musical acquisitions