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June 26, 2020

Format: Digital / Vinyl
Produced by Stefan Leßner
Premastering by Reede Reynolds
Mastered by Black Monolith Studios
Vinyl cut by Keith Tenniswood
Cover Art by Rosmarie Weinlich
Design & layout by makemassair
Distribution by Readymade

This release is available on Bandcamp.

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Marked as a monument to his past Omnia by Ezuri is a personal narrative about pain, anxiety, desire, and healing.

The work of Germany’s Stefan Leßner, Omnia is the producer’s debut solo EP. It is also his first appearance for Darkfloor Sound. Over five years in the making, the four tracks of the EP grew and matured like life itself. Bittersweet cathartic sound that revolves loosely around a techno and industrial framework, but produced from an emotive core.

The dubby slow groove of Lose Your Shadow is our cathartic opening track. A shadow of someone once a heavy burden on the shoulders of Ezuri, now no longer.

Heady and dark, Angst Ridden recounts demons and the inner fear from the struggle of hard times experienced in Berlin. Featuring vocals by Die Stimme.

Hedonistic nights out have a price, and Moments, details the desire. Featuring vocals by Ezuri.

Closing the EP is Omnia, a collaborative track with artist Rosmarie Weinlich. Originally composed for a light installation that Weinlich was working on, the track has since evolved into a cinematic sounding cut that asks the philosophical question about the nature of ambivalence and all of us as human beings.

Omnia is a beautiful dark shimmering collection of tracks that have found a place between the dancefloor and the head. Contemplate with them, dance with them.

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Bleep.com "Scottish production duo Savagen mark their debut with a truly abrasive EP. The rotten fox that makes up the artwork sets the tone for Savagen's abusive and ruthless structures of rhythm. Overdriven synths spread darkness and distortion on the EP’s title track. 'RT2' follows the broken rhythms of its predecessor and 'Indoor Puncture' ties in with its sawing aesthetic and robotically punching beat. This is resumed in 'Roughten Pounder' which flaunts the EP's sheer levels of brutality." Surgeon (Downwards, Rinse FM, Tresor) "I really like the weird Wound Up Tight track on there." Rinse FM radio rip AnD (Inner Surface Music, Electric Deluxe, Ann Aimee) "new Savagen release is dope. Great EP… we like it a lot! All tracks are strong but RT2 and Practical Education (Practically Educated Mix 2) really stand out for us. We like the broken rhythms and textures." Truss (Avian, Perc Trax, R&S Records) "Whole EP is wicked, Indoor Puncture and Practical Education are my favs" Tomohiko Sagae (Rodz Konez, HueHelix) "very cool EP." Sunil Sharpe (Earwiggle, Works The Long Nights) "sounds great – proper clanging broken techno with a healthy injection of anger!" Swarm Intelligence  (Acre Recordings, Ad Noiseam, Krake) "Banging EP – 'Indoor Puncture' is prob the pick for me." Warlock (Rag n Bone, Kool London) "these are proper twisted and heavy. 'Indoor Puncture' and 'Roughten Pounder' particularly." Stormfield (Combat Recordings, Electronic Explorations) "Solid collaboration from Ingen and Savier. Like 'Roughten Pounder' the most." Israel Vines (Borrowed Language, Semantica) "Savage mate!" Vacated (futuremusic FM, Power Vacuum) "the whole EP is brutal man, seriously loving it!" Domagoj Šavor (Dots LED) "This is the sound we all love, nice effort from Savagen boys."