Fromm – Semblance of Hope 14.03.2011

Another superb selection of techno from Fromm. Taking in tracks from as far back as Surgeon’s ’97 Basictonal and Emmanuel Top’s ’96 track Asteroid right up to current tracks from the likes of Death Abyss and Lucy.


Makaton – Leave Them All Behind (A1) Paradise Lost [token13]
2562 – Aerial (C2) Greyscale [tec021]
JPLS – The Depths (01) Reset  [minus84]
Senking – Pong (01) Unlighted [r-n122]
Orphx – Black Light (b1) Possession [sg1039]
Harmonia and Eno – ’76 Remixes (A) Sometimes In Autumn (Shackleton Remix) [ams001]
Emmanuel Top – Asteroid (E) Reflex [nomu51lp]
Tomohiko Sagae – Sodium Cyanide Remixes (03) Go Hiyama Post Mix [mak27]
Death Abyss – The Mechanics Of Dissent/Descent (04) Thee Grey Book [mak29]
Kalon – Born Against Remixes (02) Haiku (Female Edit) [sd08.2]
Lucy – Beelines For Working Bees (A2) Bein (James Ruskin Remix) [sa008]
Bas Mooy – Mosaic Of Sleepless Nights (A2) Warsaw (Walker FSG Remix) [aar036]
Adam X – Cardiac Dysrhythmia (A2) Proarrythmia [sg1041]
Force – Machine Cut Grooves (01) Psydermen [nn01]
Smear – Transect (AA) Broadwave Execution Mix [fsg001]
Surgeon – Basictonal-remake (A2) Krautrock Version III [tresor.085]
Monolake – Momentum (06) Excentric [ml011cd]
Regis – British Murder Boys (AA) Burn Your Way In [lino29]
Marcel Fengler – Thwack (A) Thwack [mote017]
Orphx – Division (B2) Burning Flags (Surgeon Remix) [sg0939]
Wee DJs – Geometry (D2) No Resolution [tb039]
Vex’d vs. Search and Destroy – End Of Line [dst001]
Anstam – Cree (B); a-ms03 [2009]
Bas Mooy – Mosaic Of Sleepless Nights (B2) Scars (Go Hiyama Remix) [aar036]
Perc – Slim/Chromamoan (B1) Chromamoan [tpt041]
O/V/R – Post-Traumatic Son Ben Klock Mixes (A) Techno Mix [bp030.1]
Seldom Felt – Seldom Felt 3 (A) Tarpuntine Sun [seldomfelt003]
Redshape – Paradox Dubs (B) Dead Space (Next Door Ultra Dub) [presentblack]
To Rococo Rot – Forwardness Fridays (B1) Forwardness (Traversable Wormhole Remix) [rug356t]
Sandwell District – Feed-Forward (B1) Grey Cut Out;[sd2x12″01]
Aubrey – Dark (B2) Mike Parker Remix [mow005]
Skirt – In The Meadow Under The Stars (B1) Ikaros [hg07]


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