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Mantis Radio 309 – Lakker

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Techno mindmelters Lakker are our guests this week w/ an all artist career spanning mix.

We play tracks by The Jesus and Mary Chain, Beata, Savier, Caspar Brötzmann Massaker, and Depeche Mode. Alongside Australian metalcore, new Sclist, old Jon Convex, Birmingham bass, heavy metal, and some new wave synth-pop to seal the deal.

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Inside Me [Blanco Y Negro]
Beata – Master [Beata]
Savier – 16 Steps of Sunshine [Acre Recordings]
Amphior – Before Rebirth (Bonecold remix) [Amphior]
Northlane – Vultures [UNFD]
Caspar Brötzmann Massaker – The Call [Southern Lord]
Depeche Mode – Dream On (Octagon Man Mix) [Mute]
Jon Convex – Idoru [Convex Industries]
Sclist – Anilan Kizzolb [Sclist]
Pluralist – Gallak (Hedchef remix) [Circular Jaw]
A i w A – Fusion, Tectonics [Infinite Drift]
Stephanovich – Altitude High [Electronic Tapes]
Aagentah – Vask [MethLab Recordings]

Lakker – Pyre (Remix) [Acroplane Recordings]
Lakker – PanShelac [Lazybird]
Lakker – Kleure [Love Love Records]
Lakker – Litiv [Killekill]
Lakker – Deathmask [Love Love Records]
Lakker – ED [Blueprint]
Lakker – Summer Rains [Blueprint]
Lakker – Coal Bath [Candela Rising]
Lakker – Nevada [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Lakker – Mausoleum [R & S Records]
Lakker – Mathfall [R & S Records]
Lakker – Tundra [R & S Records]
Lakker – Emergo (Remix) [R & S Records]
Lakker – Song for Rathlin [Eotrax]
Lakker – Tuc Tuc [Fabric Records]
Lakker – A Juggling of Numbers [R & S Records]

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Venusian 2 [Flightless]
New Order – True Faith [Factory]

Featured Guests

Stepping into the guest mix hot seat this week it’s Dublin duo Lakker who provide us with an all artist mix of their wares that charts their sound’s development over the years.

From their early material for Mantis Radio favourites Acroplane to work from the current album – 2019’s Época on R & S Records their mix for Mantis Radio is stunning presentation of their catalogue. Lakker’s Dara Smith and Ian McDonnell write techno like noone else.

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