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Mantis Radio presents Belgium’s Derlich – techno of the most brutal noise kind. With new music from Objekt, Snuff Crew, Lag, Stave, Slam, The Hidden Hands, and more before that with host DVNT.

Dave Clarke – Rhapsody In Red [Deconstruction]
Brennendes Gehirn + Dorian Williamson – Rites of the Aethyr [Antithetic Records]
clipping – loud [clipping]
Bezdan – ?MA
Snuff Crew – Work It Out ft. Tyree Cooper [BPitch Control]
Dense + Pika – Black Deep [Hotflush]
Jam City – Melty Valve [Nightslugs]
Systemic – Phi (Orphx remix) [Duality]
Exercise One – The Raven [Exone]
Slam – 3.8 [Soma Records]
Drumcomplex + Krenzlin – Berlin To Emmerich (Jon Gurd remix) [Driving Forces]
Lag – DHC3 [MORD]
Objekt – Agnes Demise [Objekt]
These Hidden Hands – Diesel [Hidden Hundred]
Stave – Anon [Trensmat Records]
Simplicity is Beauty – Epilogue [Lasergum]

Pan Sonic – Slovakian Rauta
ADMX71 – Future Expansion
Sturqen – Avalanxe
Steel Hook Prosthese – Gumma
Sturqen – Suner
Anthony Child – A1 Untitled (Edit)
James Ruskin – Into A Circle
Sleeparchive – 1
Developer – Dirty Drive (Shifted remix)
Sturqen – Redoma Offbass
British Murder Boys – Learn Your Lesson
Female – Ma Ji Motoreovou (Ian J. Richardson remix)
British Murder Boys – Father Loves Us
Derlich – I Never Promised You A Rose Garden (Voidloss But I Gave You The Thorns Mix)
Stanislav Tolkachev – Run
The Anxious – Begin To Understand
Jeroen Liebregts – Replace Or Rename (edit)
Regis – Reclaimed 2
Shxcxchcxsh – Ldwgwtt
Whitehouse – Mouthy Battery Beast
Derlich – Untitled
British Murder Boys – Anti Inferno
Portion Reform – Burn
Derlich – Reform
Phase – Binary Opposition (Process1)
Surgeon – Returning To The Purity Of Current
Truss – Osbasten
Whitehouse – Cruise (Force The Thruth)
Derlich – Untitled
Atrax Morgue – Mechanical Brain


The sound of Derlich is the sound of techno of the most brutal noise kind. Take no prisoners, intense and not for the squeamish.

Over years of experimentation, a natural progression led him towards the darker and more extreme shards of music. His search for feelings and answers, together with his passion for art, derelict landscapes and abandoned locations all feeds into the inspiration for his sound in this quite darkfloor realm of electronics.

Making use of abstract noise, techno and industrialism the music of Derlich is deep, dark and quite hypnotic techno that has quite the experimental leaning.

His first release Dying Cities, Abandoned Lives EP came in 2011 for Mantis Radio and Darkfloor faves Singularity Recordings where he has released, to date, a further 3 EPs.

Caught in the live environment Derlich uses a combination of DJ and live PA elements to build, create, nurture and infect his brutal walls of aural texture. Derlich is at present working on a remix for Sigma Zigurat due shortly on London label Noctambular. His exclusive session tonight recorded live at BETON in Belgium on Friday. Today also happens to be Derlich’s birthday – so from me and on behalf of all the Mantis listeners happy birthday Derrick.

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