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Formerly known as Gunjack we welcome back to Mantis Radio Brian Gibbs and his West Coast hip-hop project Echo Park.

Mad-Tek – Terra [Digital Distortions]
Death Grips – Guillotine (Voidloss Blood Rage Mix) [unreleased]
Alex Under – El Alma Del Tiempo (Slam Paragraph Mix) [Soma Recordings]
Mark Rogan – Anxiety [unreleased]
Mad-Tek – Glycemic [Digital Distortions]
Headhunter – Clone [Black Box]
Sunil Sharpe – Line Rage [Black Sun Germany]
anodyne – Empire of Glass (Fausten remix) [Combat Recordings]
Dan Mute – A Candle for Me [Audioexit]
Hoth System – Foreign Object [Audioexit]
AS1 – I Suffer [Fundamental Records]
the wee djs – Employed [thismachineisbroken]
Volsoc – Compuphonic Intelligence (Bass Kittens & Single Cell Orchestra remix) [World Electric]
Mad-Tek – When The Wheels Fall Off [Digital Distortions]
Illektrolab – Interdimensional [Duality]
George Lanham – In The Crosshairs [unreleased]
P.E.A.R.L. – Break Affection [Audio Assault]
Videohead – destroyer [unreleased]
Threnody – A Certain Space [unreleased]
Phaeleh – Lament (DJ Madd remix) [Black Box]

Geoslide – Futura2000
Mike Slott – Snow Birds
Forss – Tacit Knowledge
Flying Lotus – Dance of the Pseudo Nymph
CL Dawkins – Bentest
Take – Soul Particles
Mike Slott – My Lightbridge
Knxwledge – Pattern Klear
Geoslide – Rey Mono
Echo Park – Do Androids Dream of Electric Jeeps?
Dufrayne – On the Moon
Duke Slammer – VHS Distress
Onra – Don’t Stop
Wild Hadess – Purple Heaven
Prefuse73 – I’ve Said All I Need to Say About That
J-Dilla – Bye

Show 97. Show. Number. Ninety. Seven. And indeed our final show proper of 2011. This week we welcome back a producer who in the past 18 months has gone from a decade of hard, industrially edged broken techno to boogie funk. Welcome back to Mantis Radio – Brian Gibbs and Echo Park.

Featured Guest

As Gunjack, Brian graced our show back in early 2009 (with a double showcase session alongside New York’s Hellfire Machina). His sound has morphed quite dramatically from thundering hard, relentless techno into boogie funk, disco powered hip-hop beats. It’s something different yet again for us here at Mantis Radio and an upbeat send off for our final show of 2011.

2010 was a turbulent year for Brian. With an 8.8 magnitude earthquake his family and he had to content with at his home in Santiago de Chile in February, to August when he was hospitalised for weeks with ruptured internal organs and blood poisoning. Following a month long battle in hospital Brian finally got back to his studio and producing beats. His move from hard edged dark sound had already begun with his Dials Mavis and Marty McFly projects. Slowing down the tempos, bringing swing and space in and producing much less anger powered sound.

As Echo Park, Brian has found support with many, most notably Skream who has already released the much loved Fiber Optic single on his own Disfigured Dubs imprint with an album to follow early next year.

Currently in London for a few weeks to record more material for Disfigured, in between continuing studio sessions in Hammersmith and Hackney, Brian took time out to record an exclusive guest session for our show, which I present tonight.

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