the wee djs – Last

Some of the more obsessive of you might have clocked that the wee djs have been releasing their exceptional back catalogue via the rather excellent Bandcamp platform.

Yesterday (9th September) the album: Last, hit the music sharing site. Supposedly the first of 3 volumes of such material produced between 2000 and 2005. If the other 2 are up to this standard then we’re in for a treat.

If you are a fan of electro and have yet to hear the wee djs, then for shame. You are missing out, big time. Rectify that. Now. Having made some of possibly the finest electro to leave Scotland (and they have quite the illustrious history when it comes to dark electro) this is the perfect opportunity to find out why. Those who have heard the wee djs before have no doubt already clicked download and have stopped reading this far. And who’s to blame you ;)

I’ll be sure to keep at eye out for the subsequent volumes.

the wee djs – Last

the wee djs – Linsh
the wee djs – Bad
the wee djs – Sleep
the wee djs – Nomin
the wee djs – Terrapin
the wee djs – Tnnsbttpb
the wee djs – Sof
the wee djs – Morhh
the wee djs – Ryd
the wee djs – Blop
the wee djs – Cheapo
the wee djs – Dogon remix 1
the wee djs – Knock
the wee djs – FFurr
the wee djs – Tsg


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