EVAC – Cleanroom Electronica Sample Pack / SONY Creative

There is a first time for everything at Darkfloor and in this particular case it’s a sample pack newly released by EVAC of Quadrant 5 Studios.

Jeremy Goldstein, EVAC, was one of the earliest artists we showcased on MANTIS Radio back in 2007, delivering a deep IDM and electro blend of timeless sound midway through the original 3 hour format of the show. You can grab a couple of tracks of his over at his Bandcamp.

Since then EVAC has been working more in the realm of sound design and this collection of samples: Cleanroom Electronica is his current focus, released by SONY Creative Software. The sample pack is an impressive collection of 949 assets as are the 25 selected from the vast bundle he’s made available for free. You can grab all 25 via a handy zip or browse through the streaming player below.

When Quadrant 5 Studios entered the Sony Sound Series catalog with Austerity Measures (2010) we knew this was only the beginning — libraries of this caliber always leave a thirst for more, and the process of creating it left producer Jeremy Goldstein with a substantial backlog of unexpressed ideas.

These ideas are now made manifest on cleanroom electronica, a collection of sounds that raise Quadrant 5 to the Premium Collection tier in a spiraling assortment of loops and one shots that strike a perfect balance between synthetic and organic elements, structured and open-ended concepts, readymade music and isolated fragments, sustained moments and granular fragments.

A complete construction kit for building smooth and sophisticated electronica tracks, cleanroom electronica can flex and adapt to your changing working methods — produce complete pieces quickly using Quadrant 5 motifs, or go deep and explore electronica at the micro level to achieve truly unique results. With nearly one thousand royalty free sounds couched in just under a gigabyte of data, Sony invites you to enter the cleanroom at Quadrant 5 — a place where the next great idea is just a mouse click away.


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