ADMX-71 – Industrial / EBM mix for L.I.E.S.

Brooklyn’s Adam X (Sonic Groove, Traversable Wormhole) has in the last few years been getting again the attention his DJ sets and productions warrant. With all the furore and hype surrounding the tougher industrialised techno packing a punch in clubs worldwide at present – many have short memories. He’s been in it since the early days and is, it’s fair to say, an expert voice and opinion on the sound.

Under his ADMX-71 guise he recorded a mix recently for L.I.E.S. and in addition to the excellent tracklist (below) he wrote a comment on his Facebook to accompany the recording –

Industrial seems to be the big buzzword in techno the last few years. Seemingly though most I talk to in techno music have little knowledge about this genre and it’s first cousin EBM. Often calling the music Industrial without knowing much about the artists or the music in the ongoing Industrial music scene. With my forthcoming release on L.I.E.S under my ADMX-71 moniker this month. A release very much in the Industrial EBM vein. A project which saw an album on Hands Recordings one of the most prolific labels in the Industrial Music scene. I decided to make a a podcast which explores this sound in depth from retro to recent in Industrial/EBM scene. Many of these artists are still active and some who are not but paved the way for this genre of music deserve to be heard. I’ll do my best by spreading their music. Enjoy!

Clock DVA – Connection Machine
The Klinik – Under The Black Sun
Insekt – Aqua Death
Bigod 20 – Kruesch
Lassigue Bendthaus – RE Cloned #1
Cevin Key – Blotter
Dive – Throw Myself Away
Converter – Time Through Windows
Bakterielle Infektion – Landmark
Esplendor Geometrico – LLamada Del Afro Poder
Black Lung – Megalopolois
Vromb – Variation
Orphx – Radiotherapy
Pankow – I Never Thought Of The Consequences
Gjoll – Part 2
Imminent – VNI
Phil Cirocco – Never Dream
ADMX-71- Nine Decades Later
Muslimgauze – Dome Of Rock


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