Darkfloor In Session 053 + Stormfield

Combat Recordings‘ warlord returns to our In Session. Recorded live at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, we’ve two hours of Stormfield in the mix.

Darkfloor in Session 053 + Stormfield

Stereotyp – Jahman (original version)
Corvus – Corvus
The Advent – Only Power
Tipper – Swipe
Hosmoz – Purple Kurt
Cursor Miner – Open the Box
Hosmoz – Swolle
Special Request – Mindwash
Tipper – Red
Blackmass Plastics – Cyclon Acid
Tipper – Tweaksauce
Duran Duran Duran – Rejectro
Radioactive Man – Fed Ex to München (Tipper remix)
Hosmoz – Zarnica
Warlock – Ghost Dog
Tipper – Unlock the Geometry
Cedric von Flügel – Dynamic Shift [Combat Recordings] forthcoming
Stormfield – Calais Jungle Acid [Combat Recordings] forthcoming
Drexciya – Black Sea
Warlock – Cold Cash
Tipper – Squiggle
Cedric von Flügel – Spanner in the works [Combat Recordings] forthcoming
Clouds – Cybergrind
Subjex – Maneken Acid
Anthony Rother – Don’t stop the beat
Anodyne – Empire of Light (Subjex remix)
Oscar Mulero – 7 types of Sin
Tipper – Multiplexus
Underground Resistance – Final Frontier
Milanese – Mr Ion (Live Wobble version)
Stormfield – Dissensus

Huge thank you to the rest of the Brainwash crew for making this happen at Glastonbury 2016 on such a crisp, powerful sound system with jagged, mindbending interactive visuals. This 2 hour set was recorded live in the wee hours of Monday morning in between Mixmaster Morris and Bitvert. Given the political mood of that weekend I was eager to smash out some angry acid beats more than ever, so here you go. There’s stuff from 1991 all the way to unreleased new material, including a few tracks from a forthcoming Riot Season Compilation on Combat.