preview Nonima + Stormfield’s ‘Stratosphere EP’

London’s Combat Recordings are readying up their next release – from label boss Stormfield and Section27‘s IDM don Nonima.

Stratosphere EP is a five track acid heavy collection that the pair have themed around technology and nature’s often fierce lightning storms. Stormfield has of late been exploring more of a deeper acidic electro in addition to his Sea of Scald project (a noise/drone/violin collaboration with classical violinist Aimee Mullen). It’s the former that fits Nonima’s well on their joint EP.

Nonima has kept popping up on the radar in recent years as one of the most interesting and prolific electronic producers around. Unique in his ability to effortlessly traverse the dancefloor / abstract listening divide

Scottish producer Tam Ferrans aka Nonima first appeared on Combat back in 2013 on Stormfield’s Collapsing System EP. He also made an appearance on last years 19 track strong Ten Years of Combat comp with Monolith. Collaborations also flowed the other way, with Stormfield appearing on Ferran’s Section27 netlabel with a Nonima’s remix of Sea Ice and the VIP of Acid Recarpeted. So for them to begin working together on material was inevitable.

Stratosphere EP, unlike their previous collaborations, began with the most basic of parts, literally a couple of strings and beats swapped back and forth, each person responding intuitively adding hardware jams, digital trickery and a tonne of minute sound design details.

You can preview the EP below. An early favourite for us is Distant Thunder with it’s gentile and emotive drift flow.

Drops June 23rd.


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