Mornings WIth Darkfloor - June 15 2023

Mornings With Darkfloor – June 15, 2023

Mornings With… once again let us loose on air, taking control of their daily late morning radio show.

If you’ve not heard Darkfloor on the morning show yet, you can expect a different sound palette to what you’re used to with their label and residency. Think dub, think Linkin Park (yup, you heard us correctly) and a whole lotta love for the 90s!

Broadcast live from the Melodic Distraction studios in the fabric district of Liverpool city centre I started proceedings with a lesser heard cut from Aphex Twin’s ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92‘.

From there we get into the likes of On-U Sound, Dexorcist, Shipwrec, Kassem Mosse, Linkin Park, Main Source, Gato Barbieri, The Funkees, Decisive Pink, Iguana Death Cult, Nathan Fake, Annie Lennox, Engineers Without Fears, Rawtekk, Deftones, and King Tubby. Before playing one of my all time favourite pieces by Autechre.

Plans are taking shape to make these late morning shows a regular occurance, with both Melodic and Darkfloor working to align our schedules. Our people are talking to their people.

Our monthly label residency returns next week, Tuesday, June 27. We’re rolling it out from 8pm GMT+1.

If you’ve missed any of the shows since we started our residency in October last year, all of them are available on the Melodic site, and are up on our SoundCloud.

Shouts out to our producer Toby.

Aphex Twin – Actium [Apollo]
Dub Syndicate – Stoned Immaculate [On-U Sound]
Deanne Day – Body Control [Emissions Lo-Fi]
Dexorcist – Body Clock [Super Rhythm Trax]
MVDV – Lost Control [Shipwrec]
Kassem Mosse – A2 [Workshop]
Little People – Aldgate Pattern (Basis remix) [unreleased]
Cabasa – Oody Fnk [Eclipse Tribez]
Linkin Park – Cure for the Itch [Warner Records]
Main Source – Just Hangin Out [Mr Bongo]
Gato Barbieri – Brasil [BGP Records]
The Funkees – Onye Mmanya [Soundway]
Decisive Pink – Dopamine [Fire Records]
Iguana Death Cult – Heaven In Disorder [Innovative Leisure]
Nathan Fake – Vimana [Cambria Instruments]
Annie Lennox – Little Bird (Tee’s Alternative Mix) [Arista]
DMO – Movement [Infrastructure New York]
Engineers Without Fears – Spiritual Aura [Breakdown Records]
Two Fingers – 101 South (Fanu’s Lightless remix) [unreleased]
Rawtekk – Merry Anna (drum & bass version) [Med School]
Deftones – Good Morning Beautiful [Maverick]
King Tubby – Hijack The Barber [Delta]
Autechre – Vletrmx [Warp Records]


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