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Prettybwoy is our guest today providing a session mix packed with Japanese styled grime sonics. Either side of that, music from Cylob, Bjork, Coldcut, Khost, Slipknot, Paul Woolford, Sclist, Tipper, and Glenn Branca.

Cylob – Rewind! [Rephlex]
Zov Zov – Your Body Is A Parasite [Death & Leisure]
Joby – Bridge (Ambient Mix) [Meta]
Bjork – Lionsong (Choral Mix featuring Untold) [One Little Indian]
Coldcut – Timber (The Cheech Wizard’s Polythump Requiem For The Ancient Forests Mix) [Ninja Tune]
Khost – Redacted, Repressed, Recalcitrant [Cold Spring]
Slipknot – All Out Life [Roadrunner Records]
Datashat – Stop The Message (Widescreen Edit) [Handsette Recordings]
subduxtion – hL [unreleased]
Banku – She’s Back [Hush Hush]
Paul Woolford – Journey To Java [Intimacy Music]
Sclist – Curly Hair Argh! [Trusted Meds]
Tipper – Supersport (Bargecharge Super Rotters) [Higher Ground]

Prettybwoy – Hyggs (Kilo-Vee edit)
Sharon Apple – Idol Talk
Wrack – Tsukuyomi
33EMYBW – ???? (D?ngchóngxiàc?o)
Cass. – U
BD1982 – The Rules
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Slat Dance
Lady Leshurr – Lego (Agent X remix)
Slackk – Goose Juke Bootleg
Tabanca – Lagoon (Soccer96 Analove remix)
Alphabet Heaven – Party
FFT – in-side5(7)
Nio – Wot Is This
Rionos – Karakuri
Prettybwoy – The Shelter
Rionos – europa (Prettybwoy remix)
Prettybwoy – Oculoagravic
Osheyack – Parataxon VIP 135 Mix
Mordecai x Daffy – Stop Start
Swimful – SLSAoka (Grandmixxer & Taylor Deupree)

Glenn Branca – The Ascension [99 Records]

Featured Guest

Tokyo’s Prettybwoy is considered a pioneer in the Japanese grime and post dubstep scene. His first release was for UK label Big Dada as part of their compilation Grime 2.0 (2013). He’s also released with Chinese label SVBKVLT, and has several EPs with French label POLAAR, including his latest Parallel Lives released in November.

A former resident DJ at Golly Gosh, one of Tokyo’s main bass music clubs, Prettybwoy was raised on the sound of UKG. And he channels that influence into composing his abstract but dance-able club wares. Along the way he’s created sound design for Adidas and Japanese video games.

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