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Mantis Radio 276 – Tim Reaper

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Returning for a second session of drum madness we welcome back London jungle don Tim Reaper. We’ve music from Djrum, Wire, The Method Actors, Tech Itch Recordings, Rawtekk, Trevino, Ontal, Mika Vainio, and VSK.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 276 – Tim Reaper

Wire – Three Girl Rhumba [Harvest]
Djrum – Showreel, Pt. 3 [R & S Records]
Rawtekk – Beneath The Surface Of The Seas [Terminal]
Brakken – Night Falls [Tech Itch Recordings]
Arikon – The Prophet’s Blood Is Boiling [Portals Editions]
Manni Dee – At Mercy of the Muse [Tresor]
Mika Vainio – Barbarians [Raster-Noton]
Ontal & New Frames – Headspace [Ontal Series]
VSK – Kernel Panic [47]
Exium – Time (Oscar Mulero remix) [Nheoma]
Blue Hour – Parallels [Ostgut Ton]
Trevino – Under Surveillance [Apple Pips]
Paul Ritch – Pandemonia [Quartz Rec.]
Historical Repeater – Leisure [Earwiggle]
thatboytim – Take the Ride [unreleased]

Phineus II – Sea Fury 2
?? – ??
Bizzy B & D Lux – Classic
Lee & Tango – Solutions
Dragon Fly – Smoke It
Tom & Jerry – Follow Da Massive
DJ Ruffkutt – Heavyweight Vol. 2A
?? – ??
Anthill Mob – My Selector
?? – ??
DJ Kid Twist – Champion Sound
Equinox – ??
DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science – The Rumble (Open Your Mind Mix)
Nookie – Phobia
Kid Lib – ??
Phineus II – Romford Ghosts
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – ??
The Interrogator – Awareness
Sully – M141
Electronic Experienced – I.Q.

The Method Actors – Bleeding [Acute Records]
Nine Inch Nails – Gave Up (in your face) [unreleased]

Featured Guest

Ahead of two new EPs dropping later this month (Globex Corp Volume 6 & Volume 7) we welcome back to the show Tim Reaper. First gracing our broadcast 3 years back, almost to the day, in 2015. Since then he has continued to unleash his jungle power across clubs and and into record collections. Recent releases from Reaper including material for Green Bay Wax, Foxy Jangle, 7th Storey Projects (home to the Global Corp series), Skeleton Recordings, Repertoire, Amenology, and Blu Mar Ten.

You can catch him on the regular joint hosting Jungletrain.net’s Blog To The Old Skool show with stateside junglist and old skool hardcore obsessive Dev/Null.

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