Darkfloor In Session 066 – Ryuji Takeuchi


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Japan’s Ryuji Takeuchi provides our 66th In Session – a recording of his set on April 20th at Osaka for Hagane’s 9th Anniversary at Club Stomp. Takeuchi appeared alongside DJ Shufflemaster, aon, and Ironman.

His set features by Die Selektion, Ancient Methods, MDD, Hypnoskull, British Murder Boys, Violet Poison, Broken English Club, iFormat, Thomas P. Heckmann, CUB, Tomohiko Sagae, Scalameriya, DJ Shufflemaster, Surgeon, Manni Dee, Ian J. Richardson, Uun, Regis, Hiroaki Iizuka, Tymon, Tommy Four Seven, Excluded, SNTS and Takeuchi himself.

Moon mood techno.