Savier – Guts Rage

Scotland’s Savier gets it all out with his new EP Guts Rage, released through his new label Bloody Clown Face.

Gregg Davies will be familiar to some of you already I’m sure. Besides his solo work he is one half of Darkfloor Sound’s Savagen – a duo who’s début EP Practically Educated we let loose earlier this year.

Sonically Guts Rage offers a similarly dark and grinding tech sound to that of the Savagen project, a collaboration with fellow Scot, Ingen. Things are decidedly that bit deeper, down in the land of sludge and groaning doom. Something Davies is pretty adapt at, not to mention the level of detail he works into these sound slabs.

Acid clanks and wasp throbs power through the EP’s first offering, Guts Rage. Pencils Jim breaks things down into a nightmare like slow burner that feels like it’s leaking out of the speakers. The sludge continues with the fantastically named Unfriendly Hippy Dogs, a an equally bleak track that sounds like several different conversations are happening at the same time. Rounding off his EP – Split Beef Sandwich – a broody, angry husk of blackened doomtech.

All in all, a textbook Darkfloor sound offering from a producer with quite the voice.

Savier – Guts Rage
Savier – Pencils Jim
Savier – Unfriendly Hippy Dogs
Savier – Split Beef Sandwich


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