Miss Kosmix’s ‘Easter Terror’ mix

It’s Easter Monday and I’m hard at work/procrastinating* (delete as applicable). And what do I see appear on my monitor, but a new mix from hard techno DJ and producer Miss Kosmix.

Those of a nervous disposition or with heart problems should be warned she is not easy listening. This mix is clocking in at between 158 & 163 bpm, technically that it is referred in that trade as “banging”. Miss Kosmix blew the roof off when she was showcased on Mantis Radio 026 back in late 2008 and this new one for Easter continues in the same power roar tradition.


Jeff Amadeus – War on Squat
Boris S. – Back (original)
Matt M.Maddox – Turbulence
Aloy Mental
Mad Man – Break Down
Jan Lindenthal – Crank 2
Felix Krocher – Vibes of Energy
Manu Kenton – 1991
Dogs on Crack vs Katz on K – 8 Bit Baby
DJ Amok – Nightmare Part 2
Richie Gee – Old School Flavour
Fergis – Siva
DJ Obi – Instant Messenger
O.b.i. – Hardwork
Alex Calver and Jade Donnelly – Big Titty Bitches
Lexis – Methods Part 2
Leo Laker – The Snare
Alex Calver – Psycho (Alex Calver & Mike Andrews remix)

320kbps 136.18MB


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