SI (Substep Infrabass) hunched over a record turntable, shot side on, with one hand on the record deck, headphones on and having fallen behind his head.

With a background in the Polish brutal death metal, slam and grindcore scenes as a guitarist (Rectal Sludge) and drummer (Hybrid Exoneration), SI began exploring bass heavy electronica in 2008. Inspired by the sounds of early + foundational dubstep, they experimented with fusing death metal and black metal distortion and production with that of dubstep and dark bass music.

The style “deathstep” was born.

SI’s early work, as Substep Infrabass, would inspire like-minded future producers, looking for a new sound between the worlds of the metal pit and the dubstep basement.

Skream meets Devourment.
Defeated Sanity meets Kryptic Minds.

Featuring SI