November 08, 2013

AAIMON drop fresh EP Seraphim ahead of new album

San Diego witch house duo AAIMON drop new EP Seraphim with remixes by BITES, Blush Response and Bombarider.

November 06, 2013

Biosphere, Perc (in ambient mode) and EQLS perform live in London 07.11.2013

Biosphere live in London, with a rare ambient live set from Perc and EQLS in session at St John in Hackney.

November 06, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 06.11.2013

Darkfloor Daily 06/11/2013 – ft. Chris Cunningham, Music Sans Frontieres, Sharaya J, HTRK, Mika Vainio, Blue Daisy, Dahlia Black, Gazelle Twin, Zebra Katz

November 05, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 05.11.2013

Darkfloor Daily 05/11/2013 – ft. David Meiser, DRKFLR003, Stave, Scott Robinson, unreleased Psychic TV, Go Hiyama, 214, Emptyset, Samuel Kerridge

November 04, 2013

preview Samuel Kerridge’s LP ‘A Fallen Empire’ / Downwards

Hear previews of Samuel Kerridge’s LP ‘A Fallen Empire’ forthcoming this month on Downwards

November 03, 2013

AAA – Ask Autechre Anything at WATMM until Nov 7th

Ask Sean and Rob of Autechre Anything at WATMM until Nob 7th

November 01, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 01.11.2013

Darkfloor Daily 01/11/2013 – Scanner, Perc Trax vs PoleGroup, Lustmord, Morphine Bandit, Xenofish, Syk2ne, A.Visualist documentary

November 01, 2013

240bpm industrial hardcore from Gunter Saxenhammer

Scottish industrial hardcore from Gunter Saxenhammer – 30 minutes of 240bpm carnage

November 01, 2013

Regis recorded at As You Like It 26.07.2013

San Francisco, July – Regis played a DJ set – expect techno, and then some more techno. With some techno on top.

October 31, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 31.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 31/10/2013 – ft. Dave Clarke, Dalglish, Phat Chex, DJ Hidden, 80s synth Halloween, RJ Valeo, Hieroglyphic Being, Hoth System, Bombardier

October 31, 2013

oyaarss mix for Methlab

oyaarss (Arvids Laivinieks) recorded a 44 minute showcase mix for London agency Methlab of his “Lullabies for decadent people”

October 30, 2013

Stave – Trust on Trensmat

We take a listen to Stave’s excellent new EP Trust on Trensmat.

October 30, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily 30.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 30/10/2013 – Andrea S Griffiths, Hackney Marshman, OH/EX/OH, The Ephemeral Man, Holly Herndon, Hacker Farm

October 29, 2013

New prints available for those classic rave/dance visualised waveforms

New prints have been added to the Kickstarter project by Alex Szabo-Haslam which ends Thursday – including Plastikman and Kraftwerk

October 29, 2013

tonight on Mantis Radio, Somaticae

on Mantis Radio tonight – French producer Somaticae with an exclusive session.

October 28, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 28.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 28/10/2013 – ft. Ex-Easter Island Head, Isobel Ccircle, Chapel Yard, Francisco Meirino, Brad Rose, Semantica, Skirt, Ancient Methods

October 26, 2013

Darkfloor in Session 030 + Fromm

Croatia’s Fromm recorded a superb techno session for us

October 24, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 24.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 24/10/2013 – Casual Violence, Heinrich Mueller, Robodrum, Militant Science, Monolog, ROOMSILENT, TFD, Zwart Licht Kommando, Ctrls, Warlock

October 24, 2013

Clipping. in Brighton 20.10.2013

Uschi-no-Michi reviews the Californian noise rap trio Clipping.

October 23, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 23.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 23/10/2013 – ft. tapes, Bass Clef, Some Truths, Disco Insolence, Laica, ROOMSILENT, Connect the Dots, Clipping.

October 18, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 18.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 18/10/2013 – I Love Acid, DMX Krew, Bass Junkie, Matt Whitehead, Bombardier, Hexcast, CONTAINER, T-Polar, Surgeon, Imaginary Forces

October 16, 2013

Funkineven – Species EP

Ali Berger takes a listen to Funkineven’s lo-fi electro funk EP ‘Species’ on Broadwalk

October 16, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 16.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 16/10/2013 – American Horror Story, Charlie Clouser, Old Apparatus, Woman in Music, Charlotte Church, Peel Lecture, Delia Derbyshire

October 15, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 15.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 15/10/2013 – King Tubby, David Rodigan, Aphex Twin, Enduser, Paula Temple, Bombardier, Nonima, Omara, Elijah, Blackdown, Mike Stern, Ontal

October 15, 2013

Kangding Ray live at Siestes Electroniques, Paris, 07.07.2013

Kangding Ray’s set for Siestes Electroniques – a piece in collab with Paris’ non-western culture specialists the Quai Branly Museum

October 15, 2013

Steve Stoll is releasing an ambient album ‘Praxis’

Ambient album ‘Praxis’ from New York techno producer Steve Stoll coming in 2014 on Psychonavigation

October 15, 2013

tonight on Mantis Radio, Derlich

tonight on Mantis Radio – the brutal noise techno of Belgium’s Derlich. We’re live on Future Music FM from 2000 UTC+1

October 11, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 11.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 11/10/2013 – Shifted, Pete Namlook, Kalpamantra, Gary Numan, Skullflower, Regis, Flowdan & Slimzee, Roly Porter, Orphx, The Clash

October 11, 2013

Preview Objekt’s 3rd EP

Preview the 3rd Objekt EP – coming in November

October 11, 2013

Tomohiko Sagae’s ‘Vicious Circle’ is next for Rodz Konez

Preview the new EP for Rodz Konez from Japan’s Tomohiko Sagae

October 09, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 09.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 09/10/2013 – Utopia, Christobal Tapia De Veer, Clipping., Emily Watson, ROOMSILENT, Broken20, Connect the Dots, Jimmy Cauty

October 08, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 08.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 08/10/2013 – Hieroglyphic Being, James Ginzburg, Cryo Chamber, Aseptic Void, Radial, Lawgiverz, Current 93

October 08, 2013

The Last King of Scotland from Opine Kosinsky

a review (of sorts) of ‘The Last King of Scotland’ from Opine Kosinsky on Acre Recordings

October 07, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 07.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 07/10/2013 – Coppe, Monolog, Plaster, dualit, Earwiggle, Randomform, Plaid, Architect, Juho Kusti, PoleGroup, Gunjack, Bezdan, Ontal, Perc

October 04, 2013

the Darkfloor Daily – 04.10.2013

Darkfloor Daily 04/10/2013 – Mike Stern, Manifest, Coppe, Kettel, Ursa, Hexcast, Aoki Takamasa, The Future Sound of London, FSOL

October 04, 2013

Rednox’s ‘Between Mask Force & The Mittal Militia’

Something of an insider’s secret – the mixes of Rednox are some of the finest techno mixes out there.