May 03, 2021

Mantis Radio’s Spotify playlist.

Mantis Radio now has a monthly Spotify playlist. Each month we’ll share a few hours worth of tracks, from the show, some not (yet) or at all.

April 22, 2021

Darkfloor 070 – C Mantle – IDM Influences

An IDM mixtape by Acre Recordings’ C Mantle exploring the influences of the Scottish producer’s new double album Anatomically Correct.

April 06, 2021

Answer our survey on Mantis Radio.

We want to know what our listeners (and potential listeners) want from our show Mantis Radio. To do that we’ve conducting a short survey.

March 23, 2021

Updates to the Mantis Radio Patreon.

The Mantis Radio Patreon gets a refresh – updates to tiers, patron benefits and revised look.

February 03, 2021

2020 Mixtape Three – Ambient

In our third and final of mixes marking 2020 we present some of our favourite ambient, drone, warm electronics and dub vibe sounds from last year.

January 11, 2021

Mantis Radio’s 50 favourite releases of 2020

Mantis Radio’s fifty favourite releases of last year, 2020 feat. Ilian Tape, Ohm Resistance, deathbed tapes, Deathbomb Arc, Moodymann, Regis

January 07, 2021

2020 Mixtape Two – Metal

In the second of a series of mixes marking 2020, we present some of our favourite metal, industrial, rock and noise releases from last year.

January 04, 2021

2020 Mixtape One – Downtempo

In the first of a series of mixes marking 2020, we present some of our favourite downtempo, downbeat, ambient and drone tracks from last year.

December 08, 2020

Winter Solstice 2020 artist announcement

We have a wealth of new artists providing tracks for our annual charity compilation – Winter Solstice, raising money for Autism.

November 11, 2020

Ontal release new EP through their label Ontal Series.

The original Serbian heavyweights Ontal release new four track EP through their own Ontal Series label, exclusively on Bandcamp.

November 03, 2020

Darkfloor Sound – 25-Oct-2020 / Threads Radio

Listen back to Mike’s Darkfloor Sound takeover at Threads radio from last month and hear some exclusive unreleased new label material.

November 01, 2020

Darkfloor 069 – thatboytim – Trax in the Wax

Trax in the Wax, an EBM and industrial mix from thatboytim, feat. Wax Trax! artists and bands aligned with the sound of the legendary Chicago label.

October 18, 2020

An interview with Lapis, for Noods Radio.

Mike’s interview with singer songwriter Lapis about her debut single Possy, for Noods Radio and Loose Lips.

September 11, 2020

Palliative Dub-effects Mashup Mix by Luke Lund for Radio Al Hara

Luke Lund’s dub-effects mashup mix for Palestine’s Radio Al Hara is a mutant sonic rollout feat a slew of tracks by Luke and cuts from Shelley Parker, Koenig, F&E, Marina Rosenfield, Warrior Queen, Trim, Conflict …

September 10, 2020

Girls Love Acid by Inge K

Almost 2 hours of industrial textures, dusted electro and acid lines mixed by Inge K. Feat. Years of Denial, Raum, Exile, Katran, Nude For Satan, The Exaltics, Reeko, JK Flesh, Black Replica, OAKE, MDD, Dadub, Makaton, and Discos Atonicos.

September 07, 2020

Mike Darkfloor live from AAJA – 26-08-2020

Listen back to Mike’s August show for AAJA Deptford. Featuring some jungle, ambient, metal, pop rock, techno, industrial and breaky sounds across 2 hours.

Chart Image September 06, 2020

Mike Darkfloor – August 2020

Mike Darkfloor’s 10 tracks for August 2020 ft. Phuture-T, Dexterous Numerics, Forest Drive West, Consulate, Lady Grew & Swarm Intelligence, Lauren Bousfield, Kmyle, Michal Jablonski & VSK, Atiq, Enk, & Sinister Souls, and Shifting Gears.

August 26, 2020

We’re live on AAJA radio tonight, Weds August 26

Mike continues his AAJA Deptford monthly residency tonight from 9pm (London). Listen live online, or head down to the arch in Deptford.

Chart Image June 03, 2020

Mike Darkfloor – May 2020

Mike Darkfloor’s 10 tracks for May 2020 include the wee djs, Primitive Knot, Sturqen, skryptöm, Subsist, Ricochet Records, The Advent, Huck Farper, RNBWS, Opal Tapes’ Rerekat.

Chart Image May 03, 2020

Mike Darkfloor – April 2020

Mike Darkfloor’s 10 track for April 2020 ft. Liðvarð, Mørbeck, JK Flesh, Echologist, Flore, Hedchef, Ao Inoue, db:art, Da GobliNN, May McLaren, Space GR, BRÄLLE, Chrissy, and Loods.

April 15, 2020

Darkfloor In Session 068 + thatboytim

For our 68th In Session mix we present a “Dirty Dirge” selection from Belfast’s thatboytim. Showcasing his love of psychedelic rock, US hardcore and noise rock.

Chart Image April 01, 2020

Mike Darkfloor – March 2020

Mike Darkfloor’s 10 track for March 2020 ft. Dwaallicht, Nitzer Ebb, SHXCXCHCXSH, Cignol, Dadub, Foreign Material & Crossing Avenue, Stojche, Estebahn, City, Etapp Kyle, and Stavrogin.

March 10, 2020

Another mix for Patreon and Mantis Radio supporters.

Preview the second exclusive to Patreon mix – recorded for listeners, supporters, and patrons of Mantis Radio.

Vacated March 10, 2020

Listen to Vacated’s February transmission of techno show wehavevacated

Vacated continues w/ his wehavevacated techno show, feat Peder Mannerfelt, UVB, Surgeon, Ayacana, Motive Power, D. Dan, Slam, James Ruskin, Sunil Sharpe …

Chart Image March 02, 2020

Mike Darkfloor – February 2020

Mike Darkfloor’s 10 track for February 2020 ft. Sound Synthesis, Vastum, Overlook & Karim Maas, cyd, Cardopusher, Less & The Exaltics, Wirewound, Death Qualia, BUNKR & preston.outatime, and Phase Fatale.

March 01, 2020

A mix for Patreon and Mantis Radio supporters.

Preview the first exclusive to Patreon mix – recorded for listeners, supporters, and patrons of Mantis Radio.

Darkfloor In Session 067 - Derlich February 17, 2020

Darkfloor In Session 067 + Derlich

Dropping dark techno heat for our 67th Darkfloor In Session we present a mix from Belgium’s Derlich. His session is full of energy and industrial swell.

Voidloss February 14, 2020

Listen to Voidloss recorded live at Klub 4, Slovenia. (2019)

Listen to the dark techno machinations of Voidloss, performing live back in October at Tektonika, Klub 4 (Slovenia).

Operator Radio February 13, 2020

Tonal Research – Feb 8th w/ Matt TDK

Listen to Tonal Research w/ Matt TDK – February 8th, 2020. A dubstep special this month. Broadcast live on Rotterdam radio station Operator.

Vacated February 06, 2020

Vacated’s techno show wehavevacated returns

Vacated brings back his techno mix show wehavevacated, feat. Unn, Sunil Sharpe, Temudo, Duellist, VSK, Scalameriya, Rowka, PWCCA, Perc Trax, Ansome …

Chart Image February 01, 2020

Mike Darkfloor – January 2020

Mike Darkfloor’s 10 track for January 2020 ft. Goldefish, Cristian Vogel, Bryan Chapman, Scalameriya, Duellist / Swarm Intelligence, Temudo, Dijuma, Higma, James Ruskin, Ricochet Recs.

November 27, 2019

Ontal record mix for Russia’s Tekstil Music

Listen to an hour+ mix by industrial heavyweights Ontal for Russia’s Tekstil Music ahead of their headline set this weekend.

Chart Image October 29, 2019

Mike Darkfloor – October 2019

Mike Darkfloor’s 10 track chart for October 2019 include subduxtion, Faugust, Cyd, Lou Kessler, RE_P, Dimitar Georgiev, Hybris, Uniform & The Body, Djrum, and SHDW & Obscure Shape.

October 28, 2019

Vacated shares an improvised live techno workout

Listen to an improvised live techno workout from Darkfloor’s man in Essex – Vacated.

October 28, 2019

Listen to an ambient electronica live set from Fleck E.S.C.

Listen to an ambient and downtempo electronica set from Fleck E.S.C’s Franck Collin, recording as theceillar.

September 09, 2019

Luke Lund plays London’s Rye Wax this Sunday Sept 15 w/ support by Darkfloor, Graham Dunning and, Paragon.

Sunday Sept 15, Finland’s noise bass industrial clanger Luke Lund plays London’s Rye Wax alongside Graham Dunning, Tech Itch’s Paragon and Mike Darkfloor.