A Vengeance


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Our first release of 2016 welcomes new blood A Vengeance to our label, and with them comes their d├ębut release ‘ANTENNAE‘. No platitudes and descriptors here, instead six stark tracks for your ears displeasure.

Mya Gravis & Ana Carcinoma are A Vengeance. An industrial noise duo from two separate industrial wastelands in Britain. Ana and Mya could be anyone, they are simply infected carriers of the Signal, given to them by the Antennae. That is all.

The pair are a formidable live act, ripe for booking.

Release Date: 26.02.2016
Mastering: Black Monolith Studios
Cover Art: Scarlett Pimlott-Brown
Layout & Art Direction: makemassair

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Cassette, Digital

Press & Support

Lag - "Loving the Voidloss remix"
- Mord, THEM

Israel Vines - "Loving this. Somewhere between classic Autechre and the more experimental side of Meat Beat Manifesto with a modern twist. Ace. The Voidloss remix is a ripper as well - great way to bring this release's aesthetic to a dancefloor."
- Borrowed Language, Eye Teeth