May 27th, 2016

Format – Digital / Vinyl
Mastering by Black Monolith Studios
Cover Art by Jason Thomson
Art Direction & Design by makemassair
Vinyl Cut by Keith Tenniswood

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Ambitious. Captivating. Textured, And, unique. This is the sound of Herd. Darkfloor Sound has, like our show Mantis Radio, never been one sound, one style. We are greater than the sum of our parts, and that is exactly what Herd presents on ARTEATER.

Since 2007 across several net labels Herd has worked on a multi-part series of abstract electro, ambient electronics, and drone soundscape material, collectively entitled Tangents. ARTEATER continues that vein of sonic tapestry, yet is very much its own complete piece. Herd’s influence is drawn from many places, most obviously that of Future Sound of London (FSOL) but is sound is no mere copy. Herd’s sonic world is his, deeply immersive, and richly narrative. FSOL felt the same releasing some of his material on their own imprint FSOLdigital just before this EP was released.

From a technical point of view, we have pushed the limits of vinyl recording length. Cutting close to 20 minutes of sound a side, without comprising on quality. We work closely with our mastering and cutting engineers on all our releases, none more so than on this one.

We could continue writing fancy, descriptive words, but as with all our releases, we let our music do the talking, and there’s a lot to hear in ARTEATER.

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