Oxynucid – Cod Liver Oil / Complex Sound Sagacity

Released back in late 2010 on Complex Sound Sagacity but only finding my ears recently, Oxynucid’s Cod Liver Oil is a piece of melody rich. heavy on the LSD, electronica IDM backed with remixes from Volitune and Vertical67.

Oxynucid’s Dom Schofield opens up his EP with Battered Glass. Found sound meets serene lullaby like waves meets mistaken recorded talkings meets a build into acid resplendent noodlings.

Period keeps the shimmering lullaby melodies but ups the acid intake with wet squelch and tougher darker beats. Title track Cod Liver Oil goes into almost a skank of sorts, the acid still bubbling, the drums sounding like an actual kit rather than electronic drum machines. The result of which is sounds like a live jam, a marginally demented one, but it really has a live feel to it.

First of the two remixes comes from Essex’s Volitune and his take on Period.

He lightens the darker mood of the original giving things a stomp-ier almost 80s pop sensibility. His remix really grows on you, gotta be that pop like hook he has to the synth work. Excellent stuff.

And lastly we have Vertical67 whose albums on Acroplane Recordings have had many a blast into these older-by-the-minute ears. Remixing Cod Liver Oil into a more fractured multi-layered mutli-voiced piece. There’s an undercurrent of what’s under the bed vibe to this remix I feel.

Available as free download on Maltese netlabel Complex Sound Sagacity.

Oxynucid – Cod Liver Oil

Oxynucid – Battered Glass
Oxynucid – Period
Oxynucid – Cod Liver Oil
Oxynucid – Period (Volitune remix)
Oxynucid – Cod Liver Oil (Vertical67 remix)


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