Grovskopa is Re-Emerging

Grovskopa is a mainstay with industrially rich, dank and ultimately dark techno around these parts. And with his mix, Re-Emerging, Mika Hallbäck, the man behind the pseudonym, continues to cement that. Mika highlighted this mix to me and others earlier in the week during a discussion about Estonian composer Veljo Tormis.

I’m not sure when it was recorded (if I find out, I’ll update this post accordingly), but it doesn’t really matter as this is one of those mixes that demands repeat listens. Crucial listening if I do say so myself. The final 20/25 minutes, wow.

Grovskopa – Re-Emerging

Shinjuku Thief – Agnus Dei [Dorobo]
Archae & Grovskopa – Territories Marked [Emergence]
Grovskopa – Duct Tape Jelena [Recycled Sound]
Grovskopa – Strapped On Luka [Emergence]
Klinik – Suffer In Silence [Antler Subway]
Chris Liebing – Next Try (Ian J. Richardson remix) [CLR]
Chris Liebing – String Theory (Grovskopa remix) [CLR] remix contest
Exium – 96.1 Mhz [Mainout]
Reeko & Grovskopa – Irrevocable [Mental Disorder]
Reeko – A Bad Day [Emergence]
Surgeon – Exhibit (Deep Mix) [Reel Musiq]
Reeko – Longitudinal [Emergence]
Go Hiyama – LC3 (Take’) [Electracom]
Archae & Grovskopa – Circling Over Me [Mental Disorder]
Highfish – Rubato B1 [Sitcom]
Reeko – Nolan Con Miel [Inceptive]
Archae & Yourhighness – Semicircular A1 [Maracas]
Throbbing Gristle – Weeping (Grovskopa remix) [dub]
Nitzer Ebb – Control I’m Here [Mute]
British Murder Boys – Learn Your Lesson [Counterbalance]
Veljo Tormis – How Can I Recognize My Home (Grovskopa remix) [dub]
Reeko – Blood Pressure [DeafMosaic]
O.V. – Kes [Infrastructure]
Grovskopa – Reaktor SS1 [dub]
Steve Bicknell – Why and For Whom? (Surgeon remix) [Lost]
Reeko – Psychiatric Hospital A1 [Mental Disorder]
Exium – Expect Nothing [Tsunami]
Archae & Grovskopa – Emergence One (Regis remix) [Emergence]
Grovskopa – Reaktor SS2 [dub]
Reeko – He’s Coming B1 [Integrale Muzique]
Archae & Grovskopa – Emergence One (Christian Wünsch remix) [Emergence]
Grovskopa – Reaktor SS3 [dub]
Reeko – Youth Violence A1 [Mental Disorder]
Archae & Grovskopa – Surface Distortion [Surface]
Reeko – Psychiatric Hospital B2 [Mental Disorder]
Alexander Kowalski – Emtech (British Murder Boys remix) [Kanzleramt]
Tuomas Rantanen – Destruction Exe [Emergence]
Makaton – The Eternal Host [Rodz-Konez]
Brethren – Fram Se Mearc [dub]
Christian Wünsch – Master Avalanche B1 [Integrale Muzique]
Rumenige Feat. Loktibrada – Kylie (Regis DHX mix) [Tresor]
Hostage – Your Health A1 [Infrastructure]
Non – Out Out Out [Mute]
Duet Emmo – First Person [Mute]
Object – Will We Remain [Nordpol]


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