Feryne – Superheroes vs. Astronauts

Composed of some of Feryne’s favourite electro tracks comes her mix: Superheroes vs. Astronauts.

Nora Volosinovszki, the Hungarian DJ responsible for Subgrade Records, has served up a selection that takes no prisoners slamming through 9 killer cuts.

Don’t miss this one.

Feryne – Superheroes vs. Astronauts

Dagobert – Astronomie
Blotnik Brothers – Electro Manifesto
Solar Chrome – The Crushmachine
Bytecon – Robots Ready For Mars
Jackal and Hyde – Darkstar
Spinks and Kalbata – Contact Jerusalem
Exzakt – Subsonic Base
Jackal and Hyde – This is the sound of the underground
Music Instructor – Electric City


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