Mantis Radio 313 +Detroit + Ezuri
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Mantis Radio 313 – Detroit / Ezuri

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This weeks show is a special one, twice over. Firstly on June 26th, Darkfloor Sound released Omniaa 4 track EP by Ezuri. And in some kind of cosmic correlation he’s our guest today.

Secondly, with it being show 313, the rest of the transmission is a tribute to the Detroit. Everything else you’ll hear is from musicians, producers and labels based in and from the Motor City in the heart of Michigan. Hear tracks by Moodymann, Funkadelic, The Black Dahlia Murder, J Dilla, Danny Brown, The Stooges, Detroit In Effect, ADULT., Jeff Mills , and DJ Bone, amongst a few others.

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Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 313 + Detroit + Ezuri

Moodymann – Do Wrong [KDJ]
Funkadelic – Free Your Mind… and Your Ass Will Follow [Westbound Records]
The Black Dahlia Murder – Everything Went Black [Metal Blade Records]
J Dilla – Lightworks [Stones Throw Records]
Danny Brown – Best Life [Warp Records]
Timmy’s Organism – Sweet Tooth [Total Punk]
Adjust – Titan [Low Res Records]
The Stooges – TV Eye [Elektra]
Sinistarr – Shake feat Detroit’s filthiest aka DJ Nasty [Exit Records]
Guilty Simpson – R.I.P. [Stones Throw Records]
Detroit In Effect – Like No Other [M.A.P. Records]
tchan – cuica [tchan]
ADULT. – Controlled By [Dais Records]
Jstat – Heavy Loader [Form & Strucutre]
Chemikal – Delta Rhythm [Junted]
Jeff Mills – Condor To Mallorca [Axis]
DJ Bone – Black Lives [Subject Detroit]
Ritual Howls – Scatter the Scars [Felte]

Roly Porter – An Open Door [Subtext]
Tim Hecker – Violet Monumental I [4AD]
Hodge & Nico – Akita [Midnight Shift Records]
Shackleton – Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix pt 1) [Skull Disco]
Rory St John – Chapel [Voitax]
Regis – The Master Side (Version 1) [Blackest Ever Black]
Orphx – What Will Burn [Sonic Groove]
Boy Harsher – Come Closer [Nude Club Records]
Terence Fixmer – Electric Vision [International Deejay Gigolo Records]
Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Day 1 [Mechatronica]
Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Theme [Warner Bros. Records]

Ezuri – Lose Your Shadow [Darkfloor Sound]
A Number of Names – Shari Vari (Original Version) [Puzzlebox Records]

Featured Guest

Marking his debut EP release Omnia on our own label Darkfloor Sound, this week we welcome back Stefan Leßner – Ezuri. His first appearance on the show was in March 2017 for show 224 where he delivered a deep dive mix informing on the sounds that influenced Voitax – the German dark techno / industrial / electro label he cofounded with Paàl.

Today’s guest mix builds on that foundation and presents some of his favourite tracks and artists, with a mix that breezes in on a light ambient drone tip into heady drumwork, EBM and industrial shades, to electro ending on one the greatest soundtracks in the world, in both his (and my) opinion. We’re both fans of the show. Which honestly is one of the greatest.

Leßner other project Less explores ambient, house, electro and techno styles, and last years Stranger is the start.

Marking his EP Omnia EP Ezuri returns to Mantis. Being show 313 Mike plays tribute to Detroit w/ trax by Moodymann, Stooges, Mills, Dilla, ADULT, Bone, Ritual Howls, Danny Brown, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Funkadelic.

Marking his EP Omnia Ezuri returns to the guest mix. As its show 313 Mike plays tribute to Detroit w/ trax by Moodymann, Stooges, Mills, Dilla, ADULT, Bone

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