Mantis Radio 287 + Isolated Lines


We’ve Swiss techno from Isolated Lines in the session this week supported by music from Acroplane, Shipwrec, Tommy Four Seven, Sully, Enduser & Submerged, Pär Grindvik, Voidloss, Umwelt, and Nonima & Stormfield.

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Ork Man – Asphalt [Acroplane Recordings]
Amphior – Ancient Dreams [Shipwrec]
Mikron – Aldergrove [Central Processing Unit]
Tommy Four Seven – Feed [47]
Skanna – All You Wanted [Skanna]
Sully – Epoch [Rupture London]
Kinetix – Absolute Zero [Nocturnal]
Enduser – Shut Down (Submerged remix) [Sonicterror Recordings]
Pär Grindvik – London Marble (Klara Lewis remix) [Stockholm LTD]
Trux – Your Cradle [Office Recordings]


Abyss X – Critical Path [Danse Noir]
Nonima & Stormfield – Expanse pt.2 [Combat Recordings]
Dialect – Hentam [Singularity Recordings]
Voidloss – Dominion (The Truth In Your Eyes Version) [HC Records]
Sematic4 – Dream Kreator [Dalmata Daniel]
Umwelt – Endless Blackness [VOITAX]
Stacie-Anne Churchman – Systematic Unfolding [unreleased]


Our guest this week is Switzerland’s Isolated Lines.

His sound has a hypnotic textured deep machine rhythm to it – illustrated by releases with Creaked, 30D Records, Bipolar Disorder, Illegal Alien Records and his own imprint SBIRE. Recording Mantis Radio an exclusive live session, his take on techno can be as playful as it is tough and heady.

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