Mantis Radio 273 + Cursor Miner


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This week on Mantis Radio a session by the mangled electro bass lunatic that is Cursor Miner. Supporting that we have music from Teebee, Sully, Dom & Gridlok, Alpturer, Deapmash, Exium, Shufflemaster, more Rachmad, Zhark Recordings, Plump DJs, Pan Sonic, The Bug, and Boards of Canada.

Teebee – Severed Dreams [Certificate 18]
Dom & Roland – Moodswings [Dom & Roland Productions]
S.P.Y. – Infiltrate [Hospital Records]
Sully – Vacancy [Uncertain Hour]
The Amazing Snakeheads – Bullfighter [Domino]
Alpturer – Automate [Component Recordings]
WMX – Sacrifice
Deapmash – Basement Space Party [THEM]
Gábor Lázár – Steady [The Death Of Rave]
Dave Clarke – Wisdom To The Wise (Steve Rachmad remix) [Boys Noize]
Exium – Synchro [Nheoma]
DJ Shufflemaster – Slip Inside You [Tresor]
Nathan Siter – Carols [Zhark Recordings]
Mint Royale – Take It Easy (Plump DJs mix) [Faith & Hope Recordings Limited]
Mathew Jonson – Magic Through Music [Itiswhatitis Recordings]

Cursor Miner – Everything Is A Nail
Cursor Miner – Mr Impact (working title)
Cursor Miner – Intertial Confinement (working title)
Cursor Miner – Madame Le Guillotine
Cursor Miner – Ion Trap (working title)
Cursor Miner – Miners Lung
Cursor Miner – Spoon Machine
Cursor Miner – Walking Skeleton
Cursor Miner – Stalker (working title)
Cursor Miner – Eastman 910 (working title)
Cursor Miner – Screwtopia (working title)
Cursor Miner – Culmination (working title)
Cursor Miner – Helios
Cursor Miner – Right Angled Beings

The Bug – Dash A Fire [Klein Records]
Pan Sonic – 441 [Kvitnu]
Boards of Canada – Zoetrope [Warp Records]


For nearly two decades Cursor Miner has carved his own bass mangling path, melding electro, breaks, vocals, stomp and womp womp. Releasing material since 2000 on the likes of Lo Recordings, Uncharted Audio, Seed Records, Combat Recordings, Addictech, Don’t, Affer Affects Rec and Bleeper.

From synth-pop mutants to wonky club bosh bangers, Cursor Miner has never really conformed, compromised or held back. His production has a uniqueness to it – from the drum programming, the twisted bass rasping, the general swagger of the piece as it slaps you around. Cursor Miner tracks are distinctive. Classics like The Sport Of Kings, Hair Of The Dog, Carnivore, Gasman, Grimewatch, Spakfaktor, and one of the best tracks this side of Christmas, Vampire Acid, that saw release back in June on Jerome Hill’s Bleeper.

His live performances are animated, energic, bizarre, and loads of fun. He’s a show stealer and if you’ve seen him live, he’ll have slayed it and been the night’s highlight.

He’s been a guest I’ve wanted for years and one I’m so very happy to present to you this week. Recording for us a session built mostly from brand new and unheard work, for Mantis Radio – this is the warble stomp king himself – Cursor Miner.

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