Mantis Radio 238 + Plike


Our session this week comes from US artist Plike – showcasing her beautiful dark and lush sound. We’ve got music from C_C, Carl Craig, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joey Beltram, Mr C, Shifted, Pessimist, Methlab, T.Raumschmiere and more.

C_C – TINTINABUL [Da ! Heard It Records]
mechanoreceptor – Damn The Maker, This Unstable Perfection [CRL Studios]
GRMMSK – RUN [down] [unreleased]
Joey Beltram – Clockwork [Ownlife]
Ryuichi Sakamoto – async [Milan]
Carl Craig – Darkness [Infiné]
Clovvder – GODS [Clovvder]
Raphael Acohen – Haar Illusies [LAAG]
Pessimist – Inner Circle [Osiris Music]
Walton – Bulldoze [Tectonic]
Sciahri – Faith Healing [Black Opal]
T.Raumschmiere – Jaguar [Kompakt]
Mr C – Ripple Effect [Superfreq]
Shifted – Centipede [Drifting Over]
Vector Commander – Rise of the Machines (Azlack remix) [Extreme Forces]
Decanter – Thagomizer [FALK]

Plike – Room 873
Plike – Dust
Plike – Attachment Theory
Plike – Dierdra
Plike – In Absentia
Plike – Rabbit Hole
Plike – Lessons In Futility
Plike – Emma
Plike – Disembodied Voices
Plike – Never Always

Carl Craig – At Les [Infiné]
Disprove – Origin [Methlab]
Kursa – Dat Style [Slugwife]
Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On (Jarvis remix)
Okk6581 – Dark Metatron [Iconoclast Recordings]


In the session selection hot seat this week we’ve US artist, producer and composer Plike, aka Mad Madam Em, aka Em Baker. Based out of northern Nevada, Baker’s sound is a beautiful dark, ethereal and lush one.

An avid audio enthusiast from an early age, Baker is also the lead audio designer for Oak Moon Games and composes music for independent film.

BLUR explores child sex trafficking through the eyes of a kidnapped girl as she fights to survive.

On July 15th her Bending Spoons EP drops. You can find several of her EPs and her album Red Queen, White Queen on her Bandcamp. Baker has put together a sublime 35 minute session of her work for Mantis Radio.

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