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On Mantis Radio this week we welcome Singularity Recordings’ Villain. We’ve music from Death Abyss, UR, Blackmass Plastics, Max Duley, Coefficient, Alphaxone, Actress, Monolake and more to share.

Midfield General ft. Noel Fielding – Seed Distribution (Si Begg VIP mix) [sibegg]
Zomblaze – Mind Op (Dub Version) [Chi Recordings]
Moskra – ennui [IDMf]
Bas Mooy – Loaded [Perc Trax]
Gary Beck – Hopkin [Soma Records]
Death Abyss – Love Is A Weakness (Mark Broom remix) [Rodz Konez]
Max Duley – Backlash Boy [ARC]
Monolake – Alaska (Surgeon remix) [Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music]
Coefficient – Intrinsic Vector (Part 2) [Duality]
Actress – Metamorphosis [Ninja Tune]
Apkallu of Enmerkar – GGG (Laica’s Drum Drone remix) [Pathmusick]
Mark Flash – Eagle Warriors [Underground Resistance]
Alphaxone – Synthetic Vision [Kalpamantra]
Anodyne – Empire of light (Boris Noiz mix) [Combat Recordings]
Death Abyss – Seek Happiness In Victory, But Never In Peace (Inigo Kennedy remix) [Rodz-Konez]
Roebin de Freitas – Ceizo [Roebin de Freitas]
Cygnus – District Nights [Central Processing Unit]
Korrupted Brothers – First Round [Korrupted Brothers]
Blackmass Plastics – Flux Bleed [unreleased]
Krissi B – Like Diss (Avery Caines D.A.D remix) [Mutant Bass]

Villain –
Villain – Stakeout
Villain –
Villain – Subsidence
Villain –
Villain – Escapade
Villain –
Villain –
Villain –
Villain – Subterfuge
Villain – Down in Flames
Villain –
Villain – Materials
Villain –
Villain –
Villain – Leave No Trace


Villain is one of those artists that despite not having the big discography has a focused selection that speaks volumes, notably with his recent(ish) album Escapade.

Escapade came along earlier this year and has quickly cemented itself as one of our favourite techno longplayers in the past 6 months.

In March I said of the album:

This is just wall to wall stunning. Deep, hard and focused. For music made in the sunshine of California it couldn’t be deeper, darker and further from the shining Golden State. Broken techno deftly programmed. The production level on Escapade, is, quite simply, as good as they come.

It was a diverse sound palette build on a techno frame, but pushed beyond what was expected, something that is seen so rarely seemingly these days with artist albums.

…to the bleak and captivating Stakeout; with a sonic footprint that you might find on the darkest of Raster-Noton’s output. An album chillingly precise and yet not rigid; with a deep respect of spacial awareness in his tracks…

…Villain has an album that flows as one cohesive piece but also takes the individual tracks into different headspaces as an album should…

The mysterious Villain can at present be found lurking in the shadows of LA crafting his own sound.

His exclusive showcase session is something special; half of the set built from past releases (all released through London’s Singularity Recordings), the other half, brand new, especially for our show. I’m reliably told those new tracks will debut later this year, no doubt, on Singularity.

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