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Mantis Radio 35 – Ohmwerk

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French producer Ohmwerk steps up to the showcase session this week on Mantis Radio, plus music from Clark, Radial, Bassbin Twins, Galaxian, Gunjack and more.

Clark – Growls Garden [Warp Records]
D-Fried – Inner Tourist [Phonocake]
Trentemøller vs. DJ Lab – Rauta (Boys Mix) [Echocord]
John Roya – The Skyscraper [monomental]
Troy Pierce – 25 Bitches (Hearthrob remix) [Minus]
Troy Pierce – 25 Bitches (Gaiser’s Too Many Bitches Makeover) [Minus]
Dessben – Proyecto Mangosta [Off Audio]
John Roya – Dark Attraction [monomental]
Retax Gorgon – Nanobots Attack [nonstopnonsense.netlab]
Terrence Dixon – Tranquilty (Octogen remix) [Nice + Nasty]
Solar Chrome – Controlled Reality [Maschinen Musik]
Radial – Tempname [ARMS]
Bassbin Twins – Ruffest [Bassbin Records]
OG – DRC [midnightminustwo]
Gunjack – Stringers Lament [unreleased]
Distance – Cyclops (deadman dj remix) [dubplate]
Sascha Müller – Lonesome Acidman [Xynthetic Netlabel]
Galaxian – End of Forever [Black Montanas]
Oxynucid – ph6.8 [The Centrifuge]
Steve Roach – Further Inside [Projekt]

Ohmwerk – Urban [unreleased]
Ohmwerk – Templar [Polygohm]
Major Klemt – Boxstep [Polygohm]
Led Piperz – Aerial [Airflex Lab]
Major Klemt – Framball Z [unreleased]
Major Klemt + Flatmate – Cookers [Polygohm Records]
Led Piperz – Otherside Dub [Airflex Lab]
Ohmwerk – Templar (Hycid mix) [JFX Bits #1]
British Murder Boys – Hate Is Such A Strong Word [Counterbalance]
Gunjack – El Soplo Del Diablo (Noiz remix) [Consume Recordings]
Broken Note – War In The Making [Ruff]
Ohmwerk – Proton Collider [unreleased]
Excision & Bassnectar – Nation (Ohmwerk edit) [unreleased]
Flatmate – Leo [Polygohm Records]
Murdrum (AKA Ohmwerk) – Darkblood [unreleased]
Murdrum – Rudebwoy Sound (part1) [unreleased]
Ohmwerk – Trust Me [unreleased]
Murdrum – Rudebwoy Sound (part2) [unreleased]
Murdrum – Suffering [unreleased]
Murdrum – Secret Sound [unreleased]
Murdrum – Badman Time [unreleased]
Proxy – Ready To Watching [Turbo Recordings]
Noiz – Slashback [Yellow Machines]
Excision – More Obvious [unreleased]
Si Begg – My Style (My First remix by Ohmwerk) [unreleased]

Featured Guest

After the mammoth showcase from dub_teq provided last time around, this week we’ve got the French producer cum bass monster, Ohmwerk. He’s been producing since around 1997 alongside his brother Major Klemt. Favouring a varied style of electro, producing mutant dubstep, in addition to making dark DnB, acid rave, and experimental beats, his current sound is best described as camped with the grimey and techy bracket of bass music with hard, angular rhythms, twisted bass mechanics and dark atmospherics grindings.

Supported by DJs from across the board from BBC Radio 1 (Mary Anne Hobbs), Dubstep FM and of course the mighty Brap FM, Ohmwerk runs the Polygohm label with Major Klemt, stamping out one hell of a sonic footprint, very clearly their own.

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