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Mantis Radio 15 – C Mantle

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C Mantle is finding his feet yet causing a storm, brings his unique take on electro/techno to the show. Music from Kanji Kinetic, Rephlex’s The Tuss, Boards of Canada remixing Meat Beat Manifesto, Scape One, thatboytim.

Posthuman – Fortune Favours the Foolish [Myuzyk]
Daniel Maze – Sledding [Serein]
Daniel Maze – Steampunk [Serein]
Meat Beat Manifesto – Prime Audio Soup (Vegetarian Soup by Boards of Canada) [PIAS]
Scape One – Miasmata [SCSI AV]
Meat Katie – Stop the Revolution [Lot 49]
Daedelus – Hrs_Min_Secs (Etan’ Greenwich Report) [Ninja Tune]
Buckfunk 3000 – Jump [Fuel]
Gyu – Bedouin [Digital Distortions]
The Tuss – Fredugolon 6 [Rephlex]
Thom Yorke – Cymbal Rush (The Field remix) [XL]
thatboytim – Nightwatch [unreleased]
thatboytim – Like A Wave Rolling Forward [unreleased]
Smashback – UblerBruch [Data Trace]
Mazzula – Bass Bias [Data Trace]
Kanji Kinetic – Trick Wobbler [Subgrade Records]
Kanji Kinetic – Disco Vibrator [Subgrade Records]
Matinee Club – Sometimes (Lawgiverz remix) [Addictech]
Jay Pace – Out Comes Stanley [Tyrisia Records]
Drift – Pipe Dreams [unreleased]

C Mantle – 68-02 (for stephen) [Digital Distortions]
C Mantle – Honja Ga [unreleased]
C Mantle – (untitled) [Subgrade]
C Mantle – Shifty Disco [Subgrade]
C Mantle – 10,000 Fingers of Dr T. [Spacebar Sentiments]
Ben Businovski – Precision (C Mantle remix) [C Mantle]
Nymate Association – Systems Online (C Mantle remix) [Subgrade]
C Mantle – Tryptych [C Mantle]
C Mantle – I would if I could… [Spacebar Sentiments]
C Mantle – Doubtful Conductor [C Mantle]
C Mantle – The End is Ours [C Mantle]
C Mantle – En Min and the Fourth Meeting [unreleased]
C Mantle – The Third Policeman [unreleased]
C Mantle – Year of Wonders [C Mantle]
C Mantle – Wildstyle [C Mantle]

Featured Guest

Scotland’s C Mantle is really starting to develop his sound now. Having had his first release on Digital Distortions back in 2006 and being featured on the flip of 7th Spacebar Sentiments release (with Skeetaz on A), he is building up quite a few fans, (myself included of course) with his driving, hard, distorted electro techno noise.

If you like electro along the lines of the wee djs, hard metal and punk distortions and krunky noise like King Cannibal you’re in luck. We pinned Mr Mantle down and he’s provided an exclusive mix of his sound. Prepare for an audio assault. The chatroom went nuts to his showcase so have a listen, you’re in for a treat.

Prior to that the first hour gave up some right tasty treats. Kanji Kinetic by far got the biggest reaction with the mega rave, techno bosh attack. Please get in touch and let us know your reactions to the tunes so we can tell the talented folk who construct these sounds.

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