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Mantis Radio 7 – Mad-Tek

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Bristol based Dissident crew Mad-Tek (Gyu & Globe Rotter) turn in a delicious electro breaks tech session for Mantis Radio.

Calyx and Teebee – Make Your Choice [Momentum]
Boards of Canada – Peacock Tail [Warp]
Ed Chamberlain – For The Haters [Baselogic]
Si Begg – Al Naafiysh [Electro Project]
Tijuana – Groove is in the Air (Simon’s Future Dreams Mix) [Bedrock]
Space Manoeuvres – Stage One (Space Manoeuvre’s Separation Mix) [Hooj Choons]
Ambivalent – Nugget [M_Nus]
Boxcutter – Brood VIP [Abucus]
Kode9 – Stung [Soul Jazz]
Mathhead – Stagger Dub [Pitch Black]
Alter Ego – Rocker (Plastician remix) [Skint]
Dave Seied – Playa Dust [Digital Distortions]
Midfield General – Coatnoise (Dave Clarke remix) [Skint]
The Hacker – Fadin’ Away (Dima remix) [Goodlife]
Andrea Parker – Frogspawn (edit) [Touchin’ Bass]

Globerotter – Klick (Globerotter’s tech edit intro)
Mad-Tek – Dread
Mad-Tek – Immortal Machines (Defazed mix)
Mad-Tek – X
Kodek – Do You (Mad-Tek Mix)
Mad-Tek – Meteor Shower
Mad-Tek – Untitled
Mad-Tek – Microriddim
Globerotter – Untitled
Gyu – Lightbrick
Mad-Tek – Sutike
Gyu – Bedouin
Gyu – Klick
Gyu – Rorschach
Mad-Tek – Immortal Machines

Scratch D & H-Bomb – Red Pill [Marine Parade]
Tim Wright – The Lunge [Novamute]
Terence Fixmer – Body Pressure [Gigolo]
Si Futures – We Are Not A Rock Band [Novamute]
Skeetaz – Nein [Addictech]
Joey G & Steve Chadwick & Luchin – Freakquency (Lab3 remix) [Troubadour Records]
Aaron Spectre – Say More Fire [Rag & Bone]
Elemental – Tribute [Destructive]
Surgeon – Bad Hands Break II [Dynamic Tension]
Dave Clarke – Wisdom to the Wise [Re:Load]
Coki – Spongebob [DMZ]
Protocol X – Our Storm [Storming Productions]
Two Lone Swordsman – Showbizz Shotguns [Warp]
Skeetaz – Gators (Lawgiverz remix) [Addictech]
BT – Smartbomb (Plump DJs remix) [Nettwerk]
Milanese – Double Face (feat. Kate Kestrel) [Planet Mu]

Featured Guests

Mad-Tek consists of Gyu and Globe Rotter, (Guy and Joby) both part of the Bristol based Dissident crew. They’re not really traditional musicians but they like to perform their music live and get involved in it on stage. In the past this meant carrying the whole studio out on stage but they’ve not been able to resist the move towards the much more portable laptops now. Lately DJing together has become an interest, mixing up breaks, techno, wonky minimal and anything else that fits.

Mantis Radio came across a mixset from these guys back in June and alongside their 4 track EP on Digital Distortions (False Flag EP), they became a fave of DVNT. X and Fix VIP are 2 tunes that still continue to rip the dancefloor apart.

Either side of another superb showcase mix (thanks guys), DVNT went all over, dropping the likes of Ed Chamberlain, Kode9, The Hacker, Dave Clarke, Aaron Spectre and Surgeon, as well as fresh Boxcutter, Milanese, Skeetaz, Lawgiverz and Coki with the anthemic Spongebob.

Coming up next month is our last monthly broadcast (we’re going bi-weekly from the new year) we are honoured to have Dr. Schmidt providing a Maschinen Musik label showcase. So tune in for the last Mantis Radio of 2007.

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