Mantis Radio 026 + Miss Kosmix



Miss Kosmix might be the youngest DJ of the London based Malfaiteurs Soundsystem, but her session for Mantis Radio is mature hard techno business.

Neo Filigrante – Esmeralda Rides the Robot []
Ebola – Happy Nausea [Acroplane]
AEED – Particles [Error Broadcast]
Pakt – Dimb (Mapimz remix) [Flumo]
Dessben – Grilletes [Off Audio]
Infusion / Freeland – Starwater / Nowism (Bassbin Twins edit) [Marine Parade]
Bionix – Yor A Popstar And U Knowit [unreleased]
Boards of Canada – Trapped (Hell Interface Mix) [dub]
Bitstream – Bionic Hand of DJ Daddy Longlegs pt1 [Modern Love]
Speedy J – Planetary Departures (Speedy J Bootlegggg) [dub]
Señor Frio – Sub Noctem (Ion Driver remix) [unreleased]
Sclist – Guise [dub]
DJ SS – Black (Blackmass Plastics remix) [unreleased]
Yapsta – Zoompy Riddim [Frijsfo Beats]
the wee djs – Web [unreleased]
Lewis Hunter – Cut From the Wreckage [Frijsfo Beats]

Kriz Miller – Shapeshifter
Sutura – Mumble
O.B.I – Life Sux
DJ Arcane – Insanearcane
DJ Ogi – Oderi
Seema – Exit B2
Jan Lindenthal – Crank 2
Arkus P – Scream
Viper XXL – Positive Distortion
Robert Natus – Crazy Achievements
DJ Amok – Nightmare Part 2
Waldhaus – Ich Komm Auf Die Party Und Mach Stress Ohne Grund
Greg Notill – Mdma Inside (Notill Vs Slimer)
DJ Ogi – Teska
DJ Sutura – Hard Rock
O.B.I. – Night Of The Living Dead
DJ Ogi – Tobra
Jeff Amadeus Vs Ganez The Terrible – Air
Arkus P – Kraftpaket
Seema – Fingers, Nails And Cuts

Himuro – Die Faultiere [Error Broadcast]


At the age of just 23 Miss Kosmix has already played around London and abroad alongside the likes of the finest harder techno DJs out there. Such as Jeff Amadeus, Aaron Liberator, Chris Liberator, Julian Liberator, The Geezer, Rackitt, D.A.V.E. the Drummer, Gizelle, Pattrix, DJ K.N, DJ Staw, Olivier FX, Jerome Hill, Zebedee, Miss Daisy, Lusinda, Sterling Moss, Product 19, DJ Adrenalin, Syber Symon, Carl Hendricks, and DJ Ogi.

In early 2007 she earned herself a residency with London’s longest running Techno night: Nuclear Free Zone, which has been going for some 16 years at Club 414 in Brixton.

Her motto goes a little something like this:

there are no problems only solutions, so keep on avin’ it!

If you liked our 21st showcase from the Concrete DJz and their relentless barrage of techno then you’re going to love this.

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