Funerals – Water Over Night

You might have seen the name Funerals before on Darkfloor associated with the San Diego production duo AAIMON, who some of you’ll remember delivered a very special session for Mantis Radio 089 last year.

Indeed the very track that I’m writing about now was featured in their session mix: Hold On This Will Hurt that they recorded for the show.

Funerals have remixed AAIMON and AAIMON have remixed Funerals both to great effect. Funerals track Water Over Night is taken from the forthcoming compilation and joint label release between US based Tundra Dubs, a label with an impressive and growing soundprint; and the UK label Robot Elephant, who I’ll confess I’ve not heard of before now. Mind you, another name I’ve been keeping tabs on is the Australian producer Ourobonic Plague who features on Robot Elephant’s half of the comp.

Funerals; the self confessed midnight-techno duo from Columbus, Ohio lay down a beautifully dark textured gothic track.

Robot Elephant Records from London and Tundra Dubs from Oakland, California are two labels from opposite ends of the world but tightly connected by strong DIY ethics, fierce independence and an unmatched zeal to champion new and unusual sounds. After last year’s similarly themed, critically acclaimed ‘ISVOLT’ compilation, Robot Elephant embarks on a joint venture alongside Tundra with label bosses Sebastian Robot Elephant and Ben Tundra each curating one side of five songs featuring promising talents on their respective labels roster.

The compilation is penned for release March 19th and will be available as a vinyl or CD package. AAIMON also feature with their track Low.

Robot Elephant Records’ side:
Husband – Flowers
Ritualz – Heat
Hipdiebattery – Bones
The Church of Synth – Geh Ins Licht
Ourobonic Plague – The Outer Alphabet

Tundra Dubs’ side:
AAimon – Low
Funerals – Water Over Night
Mascara – Sonnambula
Grimm Soundsystem – Korby Bryers
I†† – Local Locusts


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