Darkfloor in Session 048 + Nonima + Stormfield


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With their ‘Stratosphere‘ dropping this week Nonima + Stormfield present a mix that brings together 35 years of production experience, label knowledge and DJ discipline. The two hour in session includes their own material, remixes, and collaborations.

There’s a nod to the influence of early 90s electronica, Autechre and Science-era Photek, showing an unbroken progression to how the sound is today, and how the abstract forms work for dancefloors. Expect a full length Nonima album on Combat Recordings later this year.

Syl Kougai – Picker Amalthee
Ibunshi – Darkfall
MonsterX – Flesh Room (Nonima remix)
Ibunshi + Indidjinous – Subversive
Balil – Glass Dual
Generate – Deviance (Roel Funcken remix)
Dissolved – Platinum Chloride (Mitoma remix)
Autechre – Silverside
The Fear Ratio – Arel
Mitoma – Waning Gibbous
Autechre – Nil
Nonima + Stormfield – First Light
Scald – Lacerations
Inner8 – Praxis
Anodyne – Structure
Sigma Ziggurat – Tamashi
Nonima + Stormfield – Point Clouds
Synus0006 – Modern (Ontal remix)
Mitoma + Stormfield – Recarpeted VIP
user18081971 (AFX) – P String
Plaid – Tether (Mitoma remix)
Dronelock – Clusters
Syl Kougai – Ether
Source Direct – Black Rose (Blawan remix)
Mitoma – Waning Crescent (Mutter remix)
Inner8 – Paradox of Authority
Nonima – Monolith
Loops Haunt – IIVA
Mitoma + Dissolved – Triangle Nucleus (Nonima remix)
Talion Law – Lyon
Richard Devine – Per Cer
Stormfield – Dissensus (Nonima remix)
Nonima + Stormfield – Rolling Thunder
Surgeon – Fixed Action Pattern Dub
Nonima – Recursor Function (Bunai Carus remix)
Truss – Wyefield
Savagen – Practical Education
Scald + Marco Donnarumma – Dissolution (unreleased)