bangwagon 023 / Clodhoppa

Clodhoppa: Greetings again. This time we bring you some slugrave from Slugrave themselves, a set of beautiful tunes courtesy of DFRNT’s netlabel Cut, which you can dl for a donation of your choice, and rounded off with a chunk of bass driven electronica.

bangwagon 023 / Clodhoppa

Act 1
Canblaster – Clockwork (Slugrave edit)
Maya Jane Coles – Lookin’ Out
Midland – Bring Joy (Youandewan Warehouse mix)
Bodycode – Immune
Johnjon – Meanwhile (Killectiv Turmstrasse mix)

Act 2
Cut, netlabel showcase
Essay – Distance and Lights (Distance & Lights ep)
DFRNT – Going The Distance (Vol 1)
Bryn Thomas – Chatter (Feel for Bumps ep)
Buck UK – Once (once ep)
Great Skies – Polaroid (Summer Moments ep)
Lung – Whale Song (Vol 1)
Myrkur – Transmission (Vol 1)

Act 3
Consequence – Long Lies
Burial – NYC
Ollie Macfarlane – Montpelier (KDNS mix)
Throwing Snow & Py – Wallow
Submerse – Bubblin’
Setspeed – Detail From A Larger Work
Archie Pellago – Hej Otto (EYELOVE mix)
George Fitzgerald – Reset
Synkro – Here’s Your
J Hazen – Artificial Thing (Kraymon mix)

Broadcast 20/08/2011


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