bangwagon 011 / Clodhoppa

Taking things deep and rich with bass comes this, the 11th archive of the bangwagon radio show.

Clodhoppa laying down the aural delights, including a new one from himself entitled Woodlock. He also selected by work from the likes of James Fox, Marcel Dettman, Mathew Jonson remixing Will Saul, xxxy, Wascal, EDMX and Ramadanman in his Pearson Sound guise.

bangwagon 011 / Clodhoppa

James Fox – Found A Way
Joseph Capriati + Matteo Spedicati – Aurora Boreale
West Norwood Cassette Library – Blonde on Blonde (Pearson Sound mix)
The Occult – Jack That (Bosch Stacey mix)
Marcel Dettman – Lattice
Baby Ford – Tin of Worms
Will Saul – Slide (Mathew Johnson mix)
Ramadanman & Appleblim – Void23 (Carl Craig mix)
Medway – Weiter So
Riccicomoto – Time Liek Dis (Dysphasia mix)
Roska + Untold – Myth

Koro Inu – Woodlock
Jamie Grind – Without You
Pearson Sound – Blanked
Ike Release – Nature Manipulation
xxxy – 651
Wascal – Don’t Forget
EDMX – Coral City
Foiled Torsos – The Specialist (HxDb mix)
SP:MC + LXone – Judgement
Clubroot – Dulcet (Bryan Zents mix)
Setspeed – Two Blocks Down



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