Darkfloor In Session 059 + Ryuji Takeuchi
download Robert Pain’s unfinished, finished with ‘Republikanci’ album
rookas – hidden faces
Friday June 1st: the Darkfloor Live event series begins in London with special guests: Voidloss and Coefficient
HEADS UP / Ctrls – Interface EP / Token
Inigo Kennedy ‘TS0010’
Inigo Kennedy – Vignettes (One) / Semantica
Coefficient + DVNT guest on Beton Radio
reviewed, Sub’s Black Sun EP on Motorlab
Allan Nonamaka – Hypnotic Eyes (mix)
Rob Hatchell’s Skeleton Crew mix
Reeko live at Pole Night, El Jardín, 22.05.2010
Audioexit’s ‘Inner Fear’ by Plastic Loopz
C Mantle’s ‘Wie Es Eigentlich Gewesen Ist’ EP
Unseen Selectors – Graphite North // mix volume 05
Forward Strategy Group’s mix for electronique
‘Go To The Playground’ EP by The Bee for Audioexit
Vector Commander live on Only Techno Radio, Madrid. 17.03.2010
Casual Violence + Siege live at Furanum Records Night 28.05.2010
Tyler Smith – Somewhere in the 90’s
Mezerik – Techno Mix 08.05.2010
Jay Pace – Rave Core Mix
Concrete DJz – June 2010 Promo Mix
Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag – Sheer Reason May Never Prevail
Vadz – May 2010
Marcel Heese – Weekend’s flow podcast#004 / 107.6 RKfm
Oscillator Gear, live at Specka, Madrid April 2010
CHART / DVNT – April 2010
Grovskopa, live at Utkanten. 27.03.2010
BRAWLcast #011: Solitude Suite – Grooming Process
Doryk – Because You Don’t Even Know
Two hrs of Bas Mooy in the mix, for Beton Radio
Schrauff – Voigt-Kampff Machine
Motogen – The Other Side
BRAWLcast #007: Horror Brawl – …and that was the Seedpod Bomb
Swarm Intelligence – AgentCast April 2010
Hoth System – Torture By Proxy
Mirko S. & Filip Xavi guest on Beton Radio
Vadz – March 2010
Sunil Sharpe & Lag guest on Beton Radio
Disjointed Jaime, 2 mixes of…
DVNT – February 2010
Vadz – Feburary 2010
DJ Slon – RTPOD8
Friday Found Sound
dcom – The Steel Remains
Horror Brawl – live at Detatched 19.12.2009
Friday Found Sound
Sheffield Bleep’s Hardcore FM mix
Bas Mooy live at Stay Up Festival, Sardinia, Italy. 25.07.2009
Dead Sound – Atomic Jam / warm up
Chris Liberator – La Capilla After (Redondela-Vigo) ’95
DVNT – July 2009
Horror Brawl – Opening Night At The Crazy Horse
Concrete DJz – Exclusive Tracks Mix / May 2009
Noise Network 001 – Machine Cut Grooves
Horror Brawl’s Filtration mix
Mantis Radio 033 + Vector Commander