Pi Electronics new comp features Ontal, JK Flesh, Damcase, and more.
Ontal ready new EP feat. Orphx
16.12.2016 – Aaleph
Forest People readies new EP for Arts sublabel
Oleka debuts on Planet Rhythm
Pre-order new Darkfloor – Herd’s ARTEATER
SØLVE readies debut album
Ontal Series continues
preview Electro charity comp Earthlings
Darkfloor Sound signs A Vengeance, debut drops Feb
Matt TdK + Kenny Campbell ready EP for Raven Sigh
Preview Voidloss’ new doom metal tech
Swarm Intelligence readies ‘Rust’ for Ad Noiseam
Headless Horseman’s LP cometh.
Ontal to release new EP on Noiztank
preview Bone Skippers debut
Dronelock announce A/V live shows
preview Cold Spring’s latest She Spread Sorrow
Gyu & Joby (Mad-Tek) present new label META
Brendon Moeller’s Echologist readies EP for Mord
Preview Ingen / Dronelock’s latest feat Valmay + Myler
watch Nonima & Stormfield’s ‘Point Clouds’
watch the trailer for Jeff Mills ‘Exhibitionist 2’
preview Dekode’s new EP for Martyn Hare’s Emetic
preview Nonima + Stormfield’s ‘Stratosphere EP’
Darkfloor Sound’s 5th EP is coming in April
Aux Field’s ‘Imaginable Layers’ for Umor Rex
preview Alphaxone’s album ‘Altered Dimensions’
preview a Galaxian & DJ Stingray collab track
preview Ontal’s new EP, feat. 2nd Gen.
Rodz Konez have new Corax to release
preview ‘Cadya’ by Sunil Sharpe for Trensmat
preview Casual Violence’s new EP ‘Expression Unrelated’
preview Orphx’s ‘Sacrifice’ EP for Sonic Groove
preview Ontal + Dronelock’s joint EP ‘4 Razors’ for Duality
Preview Whirling Hall Of Knives ft. Ancient Methods on Earwiggle
preview Exium’s ‘A Sensible Alternative to Emotion’ the Remixes
preview Oliver Lieb’s ‘Inside Voices’
Announcing Darkfloor’s 4th EP – Savagen
Dronelock’s Shadow Story with Ontal, Mark Broom and Rivet
preview ‘IV’ – anodyne’s new album
Watch the new video from Clipping. – ‘Work Work’
preview Radial’s ‘Devil’s Tongue’ by Sinecure
Mønic’s ‘Habits’ EP is coming feat Oscar Mulero, Amorce and Killawatt
Digital Distortions ready a new EP from Spookhouse
preview Hoth System’s new EP, launching Sprung Records
preview Corax’s ‘Seidr’ EP due soon on Rodz Konez
Preview two new Sturqen releases.
Preview Imaginary Forces forthcoming EP – Corner Crew
Yves De Mey’s ‘Double Slit’ on Semantica
Preview Kvitnu’s Pan Sonic live album ‘Oksastus’
preview Ancient Methods + Orphx EP as Eschaton for Token
preview Rodz Konez remix EP ft. Death Abyss + Go Hiyama
preview the new Downwards EP ‘Vollstreckung’ from OAKE
preview Duality’s new EP from GraGee & Headnoaks
preview Samuel Kerridge’s LP ‘A Fallen Empire’ / Downwards
Steve Stoll is releasing an ambient album ‘Praxis’
preview the forthcoming 3rd EP from Objekt
Tomohiko Sagae’s ‘Vicious Circle’ is next for Rodz Konez
Objekt #3 will be drop in November
preview Erratic’s IDM treat EP ‘Downward Echoes’ due on Acre Recordings next week
NIN – 10 bucks or go fuck yourself.
preview the Dualit EP forthcoming on Sunil Sharpe’s Earwiggle label
Preview ‘Adapta 3’ by one half of UK electro duo Bitstream
preview Si Begg’s forthcoming LP – ‘Permission to Explode’
preview new Rodz Konez – Corax returns with ‘Vraith’
preview Realmz forthcoming ‘Articulated Oblivion’ EP
Dekode (Ontal) has dark electro EP on route feat. Nonima & Datacrashrobot
Rodz Konez introduce new signing Corax
Token Records latest single, from Ø [Phase]
Jnr Hacksaw returns with new EP ‘Silicone Valley’ forthcoming on Addictech.
Drexciya – the film.
preview Exium’s forthcoming album ‘A Sensible Alternative to Emotion’
Unknown Precept prep double vinyl ft. Ancient Methods, Casual Violence, Svreca +more
Scanner – Colofon & Compendium 1991-1994
Boris Noiz – Omniforma EP / Yellow Machines
EDMX – Cerberus EP / Power Vacuum
Monolog – Live Cuts EP / Acre
Zerkalo – You, whose sleep is without awakening…
HEADS UP / Ctrls – Interface EP / Token