A1. Herd – Headfilm
A2. Herd – Motpack
A3. Herd – Gazelle
B1. Herd – Fallenang
B2. Herd – Arteater

Ambitious and captivating; expansive, textured and unique, this is Herd's 'Arteater'.

Since we began our record label, like the radio show and blog from which it spawned, we've never been just one style, one sound.

Jason Thomson has since 2007, through several net based labels, worked on a multi-part series of abstract experimental electro, ambient electronica and drone soundscape material, collectively titled 'Tangents'. 'Arteater' continues that vein of sonic tapestry, yet stands out on its own.

Thomson's influence is drawn from many places, most obviously that of Future Sound of London. Impressed enough were they, the duo have released material of his via their own FSOLdigital imprint.

Pushing the limits of vinyl recording length we have cut close to 20 minutes a side of sound without comprising on quality. We work closely with our mastering and cutting engineers, none more so than here.

We could continue writing fancy, descriptive words, but as with all our releases, we let our music do the talking, and there’s a lot to hear in this one.

Release Date: 27.05.2016
Mastering: Black Monolith Studios
Cover Art: Jason Thomson
Art Direction + Design: makemassair
Vinyl Cut: Keith Tenniswood
Digital: Bandcamp

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Headphone Commute
“…On Arteater, fragments of memories get triggered with nearly recognizable sounds, and I’m floating on the edge of consciousness that only exists between a dream state and wakefulness. Eyes still open I begin to respond emotionally to images unheard and sounds unseen, patterns unlatched and voices unhinged. This is a bipolar trip into the sensory mind’s eye, where the soundscape of the untapped cognizance is only known to the very self – that twisted psyche of dreamscapes, explored and returned to in deadly flashbacks and lucid nightmares. This is the place that my inner architect has built, and Arteater is the soundtrack to these abstractions…” – Headphone Commute

I Die You Die
“…UK producer Jason Thomson has been working in the same soundscape vein as the likes of Future Sound Of London (and has released material in conjunction with FSOL) for several years, whittling jet-black architecture and futuretek out of claustrophobic sweeps and clangs, pushing the idea of ambient techno to its very limits. Arteater reverse engineers the sort of sample-heavy urban noir worlds that Burial and others have constructed for themselves. While the latter might build entire rhythmic tracks out of a pair of metallic clangs or sound effects, Thomson sculpts individual sounds and passages, only to toss them about the mix with haphazard abandon, recreating a cluttered ambiance where others might seek to impose a more familiar and rhythmic order…” – I Die You Die

Rivet (Kontra-Musik, Skudge)

Sunil Sharpe (On The Hoof, Works The Long Nights)
“Brilliant sound (s)! A record that I’ll most likely be listening to than be playing out, but will find a way to fit it in. Nice work!”

Bombardier (Division 13, Low Res, Void Tactical Media)
“Very cool”

David Meiser (Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Reloading Records)
“Nice EP. Once again pushing the boundaries of the pre-establish sound”

Swarm Intelligence (Acroplane, Ad Noiseam, VOITAX)
“Sounding great”

Israel Vines (Borrowed Language, Eye Teeth)
“Excellent stuff. This is a great sounding release. Looking forward to continued listens”

Savier (Bloody Funny Clown)
“It’s fucking class. Just what I needed.”


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