Mild Maynyrd – Aaleph


01. Mild Maynyrd – I (CS Gas)
02. Mild Maynyrd – II (Larpentuer)
03. Mild Maynyrd – III (Show Trial)
04. Mild Maynyrd – IV (Overmind)
05. Mild Maynyrd – Aaleph (Savier remix)
06. Mild Maynyrd – Aaleph (MSQ remix)
07. Mild Maynyrd – Aaleph (Voidloss – Demons In Uniforms remix)

Spawned by a law enforcement shooting in his home city, ‘Aaleph’ tackles the socials ills of modern society though abrasive tones, constant movement, and an avant-garde structure. Equal parts paranoia, rage, and confusion, Grinding dirty, processed noise into the pavement while dropping big kicks and spastic percussion.

A fitting farewell to the clusterfuck that was 2016.

Release Date: 16.12.2016
Mastering by Black Monolith Studios
Artwork by makemassair
Digital: Bandcamp

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Product Description

Lag (Mord, THEM)
“Loving the Voidloss remix”

Israel Vines (Borrowed Language, Eye Teeth)
“LOVING THIS. Somewhere between classic Autechre and the more experimental side of Meat Beat Manifesto with a modern twist. Ace. The Voidloss remix is a ripper as well – great way to bring this release’s aesthetic to a dancefloor.”