Darkfloor in Session 022 / Patscan

Darkfloor in Session 022 / Patscan
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Patscan recorded at Darkfloor Live 005, Paradise Inn, London on March 9th 2013.

Patscan – Dribble
Patscan – Factory Flawed (Revarnished)
Patscan – Bass Moi
Patscan – Bad Machines
Patscan – Sticky Buttons
Patscan – Stum Futter
Patscan – Muff Stutter
Patscan – Love Bang
Patscan – Dry Riser (Fully Risen)
Patscan – Chow Beller
Patscan – Bowel Chiller
Patscan – Swoosh
Patscan – Spit Shine (Buffed Up)
NoseTek – Gums n’ Noses (Patscan remix)
Si Begg – Losin’ It (Patscan remix)
Kawatin – Sleep Talker (Patscan remix)
Patscan – Woohoobies
Ingen – Snap the Tilt (Patscan Unfinished remix)
Patscan – Jitterish

Alongside the London debut of Dead Sound vs Videohead we also invited to perform the very capable talents of Patscan. He went all out with 70+ minutes of bass weaving, electro injected breaks and technoid electronica. Made up completely of his own studio work – this is both an education and a trip.