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Hoth System - Higher Purpose / Audioexit
02-18-2015, 10:39 AM
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Arguably Hungary's finest techno netlabel - Audioexit have a new EP out for us all to enjoy/inflict on us.

Higher Purpose is a four tracker from the Northern Irish producer Hoth System. No messing about, Hoth knows how to craft bolshy techno tracks that have found many fans over the years, including Darkfloor.

Opening up his EP is Dissociation - a pumping stomper, stripped back to a very basic kinda feel, something he's achieved without losing or sacrificing any of the weight of the track. Paroxysm ups the stomp factor and goes for a late 90s Tresor vibe. Tradecraft is a whirlier (that's a word right?) type affair, something to get your head lost in the loop. Last of the four is Pig Fuck and around the charming vocal sample the track is named after, comes with a rather tidy slight off beat rhythm, and of course that pitch shift on the lead bleep synth. If you like David Meiser's style of techno you'll really like this one.

Available via Bandcamp.

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