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Darkfloor in Session 046 / Borealis
02-02-2015, 01:20 PM
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Darkfloor in Session 046 / Borealis

Our 46th in session is a mammoth 6 hour flex from Canada's Jesse Somfay aka Borealis.

Recorded late last year it's a long haul of a selection that builds from deep and dubbed textures into broken bass, club tech, acid trax and some electro dips. Decidedly less full on than our previous in session from Matt TDK it is nonetheless a fine offering.

The session can be downloaded as both the full 320kbps MP3 (839 MB) and an alternative 192kbps transcode too (504 MB).

400ppm - Evitandus
Andrea - Hera
Ratchett Traxxx - Everydayofmylife
Mono Junk - With You
Mark Du Mosch - Soulsearch
Heko - Mercury Seven
Luv Jam - Romea (Zoovox Mix)
Schmitt Trigger - Bethesda Bison
Subjecktive - Point Of View
Alex & Digby - Whysteria
Gnork - W.1.3
Le Macchine - Machine
Bratha - Untitled [B1]
HVL - Track 1
Unknown - Untitled [A]
Unknown - Untitled [B1]
Beneath - WIP
Mosca - It's Not What It Looks Like
Tripeo - Opuvar
Micawber - Vattum
Alex & Digby - Handlines
Huerco S. - Untitled [A2]
Florian Kupfer - K
Randomer - Odd
Max McFerren - Rolex
Eomac - Husk
Appetizer - Image
Vereker - Untitled [A2]
Breaker 1 2 - Ratz In The Back (Sewage Mixx)
Bookworms & Steve Summers - Release The Hounds
Untold - That Horn Track
Koehler - Dynasty
DL\\MS - The Verge
The Black Dog - Scan 9 From SoYo™
Avion - Untitled [A]
ARC# - Purple
Shadows - Distorted Images (Mike Parker remix)
440ppm - Monoculture
Karlist - Skins Off
Black Seed - Natural Instinct
Domenico Crisci - I'm Having Fun
The Planets - The Planets II (Outbreak)
AnD - Free At Last
Gaja - Untitled [A1]
Blacknecks - Holzer Mane
NJB - Untitled Fokus Group - Nut Nut
He/aT - A Terrible Misunderstanding
Randomer - Crack Lung
CT Trax - Jack Attack
Randomer - Huh
Gesloten Cirkel - Secret Area
Chemotex - 33140
Marshall Applewhite - No Crime
Bit Reduction - Bit Reduction 2
AW\\PB - 209
Imugem Orihasam - Sir Ed Riano (Edit)
Milton Bradley - Psychotropic
Affie Yusuf - Wardrum Acid
FunkinEven & Delroy Edwards - X
Person Of Interest - Last Rites
Alien Rain - Alienated 4B
Alien Rain - Alien Reign 1
Scientific Dreamz Of U - Journey In2 The Light (Lost Trax Decay And Bleed Mix)
Cassegrain - Sex Kit
Yor - Vertigo
7 Citizens - Stride
Yor - Rites Of Passage I
Scientific Dreamz Of U - Visions Of A Deepweb
House Of Doors - Frakin Cense
Voiski - From White To Red
Ghost Culture - Red Smoke
Liit - Islando
L'estasi Dell'oro - Belle
R-Zone - Down You Go

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