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Manifest Podcast 017 - Steve Kuehl - Mike Stern - 01-07-2013 11:24 AM

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Steve Kuehl, a native to the Detroit area, was introduced to techno music back in the days of Hastings, Broadway, Heaven & Hell and other undisclosed locations in the early-mid 90's. Steve became interested in mixing and began actively pursuing his interests in the industry during the mid 90's. Playing out at places like the Packard Plant, other Detroit locations, Windsor and throughout the Midwest at many locations in the middle of nowhere, lost but not forgotten. Recently, Steve started a concept series to convey new musical interests, as over the years it has evolved:
BWLR 2.0 concept series by steve_kuehl
perceptual beginnings for BWLR
(brainwave lab recordings // @ BWLRec)
the next phase in the concept that will swiftly define collective perception and remembrance through a series of releases. Closely converging on the collaborative DetunD/BWLR release.

More info and sounds :

Tracklist :

Plastikman - Konceiled
Refracted - Linear Function
Rob Acid - Prometheus
Christopher Kah - Hart
Rob Acid - Mind Bender
Jeff Rushin - On Off (Morgan Tomas Remix)
Sync Therapy - Sun and Bitch
Mark Broom - She Don't Like The Collar
Plastikman - Ask Yourself ( ux777 Remix by MOUSE)
Plastikman - Plasticity (Dubfire Remix)
Rob Acid - Hypno
Donato Dozzy - Gol
Flex - Kid Acid
Pascal Nuzzo - Going Nuts
Marcel Dettmann - Kernel
Andreas Kraemer, DJ Update - Make it Clap
Sense - Holy Trax (sense Acid blessing)
Drasko V & Kero - t1_2 (Borealis Remix)
Beat Therapy - Kontrol
Acid Elfe - Superstar Cosmic Traveller Acid
Mauro Norti - Aphasia (Travis MacDonald Remix)
Etapp Kyle - Empty Mind
Plastikman - I Don't Know (Carter Tutti Remix)