AJA releases fundraiser single ‘Lend you a Lung’
Sendai – Figure and Ground [Editions Mego]
Hexa – Factory Photographs [Room40]
Oleka debuts on Planet Rhythm
20 Years of Blueprint – Structures & Solutions 1996-2016
Dimentia’s new EP
Herd’s ARTEATER is now shipping
Aino Tytti – Millennium Mills / Touch
Ontal release with AMOK Tapes
Matt TdK drops a freebie for NYE.
Matt TdK + Kenny Campbell ready EP for Raven Sigh
Blood Mute’s debut on Acroplane
ARIADNE’s ‘Tsalal’
Preview Voidloss’ new doom metal tech
Swarm Intelligence readies ‘Rust’ for Ad Noiseam
Headless Horseman’s LP cometh.
Ontal to release new EP on Noiztank
preview Bone Skippers debut
Simon Scott – Insomni / Ash International
Kvitnu present Mingle’s ‘Static’
Kenny Campbell’s ‘Syphilis Sandwich’
preview Cold Spring’s latest She Spread Sorrow
Preview Ingen / Dronelock’s latest feat Valmay + Myler
NB Audio – Mind 2 Dark EP
Dust – Paypig
preview Dekode’s new EP for Martyn Hare’s Emetic
check POLYFUSE’s new track (+ Q&A)
Fleck E.S.C. – Nice Guy EP / Electrix
Pished on Drugs
Alex Coulton’s ‘Freefall’ / Bloc.
Application – Remixes
Aux Field’s ‘Imaginable Layers’ for Umor Rex
the dones * black_ops – hopes (disintegration)
MAHR – When Her Story Ends
Dmitry Distant – Closer Than Tears / Bass Agenda
2562 – The New Today / When in Doubt
preview Ontal’s new EP, feat. 2nd Gen.
Rodz Konez have new Corax to release
Savier – Guts Rage
‘Never Let The Gods Decide’ by Raphael Acohen
The Future Sound of London (FSOL) drop new album ‘Environment Five’
Sudanim – Pleasure Flood EP / Her Records
Blind Music – EP.3
Ansome’s ‘Penny and Pound’ EP for Mord.
Pinch b2b Mumdance on Tectonic Recordings
preview Exium’s ‘A Sensible Alternative to Emotion’ the Remixes
Moleskin’s ‘Moleskin EP’ on Goon Club Allstars
Valved remixed by AnD + WHOK on Trensmat
C Mantle – Femto Tudomány
Asolaar’s noise for Metaphysik and Kvitnu
VA – Terminal Window 3
Digital Distortions ready a new EP from Spookhouse
The Implicit Order – Holy Ghost Enters The Body A Perfect Size
Sendai – A Smaller Divide
Somatic Responses – Giauzar
Untold – Black Light Spiral
Koenraad Ecker – Ill Fares The Land
Ursa’s solo ‘Early Extremities’ EP is out
Aires – Aires
Synsophony – Rabbit Hole
Mondkopf РHad̬s
Yves De Mey’s ‘Double Slit’ on Semantica
Laica – Environmental Engineering
Ex-Easter Island Head – Large Electric Ensemble
Ghosting Season – Music From The Film Shell Shocked
Look busy, Gunjack is back with ‘Just Because’
connect_icut – Crows + Kittiwakes Wheel + Come Again [Rev.Lab/Aagoo]
Download Si Begg’s free compilation ‘Xmas Dregs 2013’
Noise In Opposition Volume 2
Somatic Responses charity comp – Photon Collisons
Create Her – Commit I, II, III.
Villain’s ‘Untraceable’ EP / Singularity
Death Grips meets Clipping on “Death Clips – Mid Military”
Hound Scales – Femen / Fifth Wall
Concrete Fence – New Release (1) / PAN
AAIMON drop new EP ‘Seraphim’ ahead of new album
Stave – Trust / Trensmat
Funkineven – Species EP
The Last King of Scotland from Opine Kosinsky
The 24 track comp released to support Gayrussia