DVNT, live at Desolate, London / 05.09.2014
Locked Groove’s ‘Thesseus’ / Permanent Vacation
The Panacea’s ‘Our History Repeated Mix’
Gunter Saxenhammer is windowshopping with Elvis
BRAWLcast present Chrononautz
In Session / futuremusic FM – August 26th
Randomer’s XLR8R mix
Ambient metal duo Northumbria in session tonight on Mantis Radio
Swarm Intelligence, live at Krake Festival 2014
Over two hours of prime techstep from DJ Mark N.
Sleeper’s August 2014 mix
Uncle Dugs, 90s RAM Records
preview Ontal + Dronelock’s joint EP ‘4 Razors’ for Duality
Bombardier – Live at Warlok
Surgeon’s ambient hybrid DJ / live set for Freerotation
ADMX-71 – Industrial / EBM mix for L.I.E.S.
Baeks – Frühlingstechno
Unclean – It’s Already There
Two mixes from Diskore.
clipping. drop a short, sharp, sweet mix.
Rodz Konez signed Corax drop their liveset
Boris Noiz turns in a mix for Slovenian FM airwaves
Ingen hits Brixton this Friday w. Kamikaze Space Program & Manni Dee at THEM
Makaton’s live PA ‘Antediluvian’
In Session / futuremusic FM – April 22nd
Ingen’s mix for Phuturelabs
Slackk’s grime session for April.
Tomohiko Sagae tears DSNT a new one on their latest mix.
In Session / futuremusic FM – April 8th
David Meiser live at Tresor, April 2nd
Swarm Intelligence – Black Iron Prison Promo Mix
P-Hocto’s Don’t mix for St. Paddy’s
Symbolic Death – Evidences & Improbabilitys
Horror Brawl goes ‘Back To The Primitive’
Bombardier + Mahr’s ‘Return To Nothing’ mix
Slackk’s snapsnot of grime mix for February has dropped
Unclean (DBIAPB) recorded live at Tresor, October 2013
Orphx on PoleGroup Radio
Logical Disorder’s new year eve Sedna Sessions live PA
Vacu Sessions 34 – Narayana
DJ Food’s ‘A Little Night Music…’
Singularity Recordings release a mix by DVNT
Inigo Kennedy’s mix for Token Records
the ‘Pebbledash Vortex’ mix by DVNT for Intergalactic FM & TheBohemianClub
Baeks dark ambient mix for Black Lion Radio
240bpm industrial hardcore from Gunter Saxenhammer
Regis recorded at As You Like It 26.07.2013
oyaarss mix for Methlab
Kangding Ray live at Siestes Electroniques, Paris, 07.07.2013
Rednox’s ‘Between Mask Force & The Mittal Militia’
Ancient Methods live at VOID, Shanghai. 08.09.2012
Baeks – Sommertechno II
Tim Reaper goes to the Darkcore on his guest mix for Blog to the Oldskool
Ancient Methods – Seventh Summer Mixtape
Imaginary Forces ‘CT Room’ excursion for experimental broadcast The Radius
DVNT’s mix for DSNT
Geistform, live at The Dark Side Of The Moog 19.08.2012
Rivet recorded live at Berghain on 4 decks, August 20th
Derlich tore Manchester a new one at Ritual 03.08.2013
the Manifest Darkfloor mix by DVNT
Paula Temple recorded live at Berlin’s Berghain – 13.07.2013
Developer shares a pacey 3 turntable techno mix from ’99
Bombardier live at Subliminal Cinema, Oakland 13.07.2013
Step ‘Into the Rabbithole’ with ValkyR
Dave Clarke’s set at Awakenings 2013
Hidden Summer – Regis Mix Tape
46 minutes of Grime for July from Slackk
Dominik Müller’s live PA at Tresor, Berlin from early 2012
Paul Blackford’s ‘Khronicles of Khaos’
DVNT goes shadow dark on his new mix
Ben Milstein lays down electro, proper, at Moontribe 2013
Pearsall’s techstep classics mix
Regis, Silent Servant and Ruskin present ‘Jealous God’
Ingen drops a new mix with STFAAKUP
Acre Recordings co-founder el_wraith drops a sweetly dark IDM mix for the label
DVNT’s new mix for Beton Radio
DVNT – Downbeaten Exploratory Interests Volume 2
DVNT – Downbeaten Exploratory Interests Volume 1
Plant43’s EP ‘Frozen Monarch’ / Frustrated Funk
DVNT – Simpering Gossip recorded for Terminal Radio (Transmission Four)